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Which soccer group does Kanye West assist?

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If you’ve seen Kanye West mix with Atlanta fans during their Columbus Crew game and wondered which team he was supporting, Goal rounds up the information

As music fans awaited the release of Kanye West’s next studio album, Donda, the rapper was instead spotted in the stands of the Mercedes-Benz Stadium with fans of Atlanta United instead.

West was spotted in the same location at the stadium during the MLS game just days after his listening party, which led soccer fans to wonder which soccer team he is supporting – and if it’s Atlanta.

gate has everything you need to know about which soccer team West supports and more.

Which soccer team does Kanye West support?

West’s football loyalty wasn’t really confirmed, and the rapper never really revealed which team he supports.

Even so, he was photographed among the happy Atlanta United fans at Mercedes-Benz Stadium during their game against the Columbus Crew.

He appeared to be pledging his loyalty to Manchester United after being photographed wearing the Red Devils’ attire in 2018, but looked very depressed.

Although he was born in Atlanta, he grew up in Chicago, so chances are he’s a supporter of the local MLS team Chicago Fire.

Does Kanye West support Atlanta United?

Although the rapper has been spotted alongside Atlanta United fans, it’s not clear if he actually supports the club – and may only have been there as he currently resides at the stadium.

Why does Kanye West live at Atlanta United?

West temporarily lives at the Atlanta United Stadium and resides in makeshift quarters next to a makeshift studio on the ground.

He currently lives in a studio that was being built in the stadium to put the finishing touches on his next album, Donda.

The rapper was hosting a listening party at the Mercedes-Benz Stadium in late July 2021 when he was slowly starting to reveal his latest studio work and decided to stop work on the album there after the release was postponed to August 8th.

Donda is said to be the rapper’s tenth studio album and is named after his mother Donda West, who died in 2007 at the age of 58 of complications from plastic surgery.

A picture that West published on Instagram about his accommodation confirmed the first reports of his stay in the Mercedes-Benz Stadium.