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Washington Soccer Staff bans Native American headdresses, face paint from FedEx Stadium

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ASHBURN, Va – Washington Football Team, which dropped its controversial name a year ago, banned Native American clothing from its stadium.

Washington has banned fans from wearing Native American headdresses or face-paint to games at FedEx Field this season, the team said on Wednesday.

Washington will hold a training session at the stadium on Friday with around 20,000 fans expected. It will be the largest crowd since the home finals in 2019, which means it will be the largest gathering in the stadium since the organization announced in July 2020 that it was dropping its old name and looking for a new one. It will be known as the football team for 2021, with the permanent name being announced “Early 2022,” according to team president Jason Wright. He said they don’t want to reveal the name until they have also agreed on a logo and rebranding the organization and completing the branding process.

Wright said they worked with Native American leaders in finding a new name. He recently announced that Washington would not choose the Warriors name as its new name. Owner Dan Snyder had registered that name as a trademark in 2007 while trying to bring an Arena League to Washington.

But Native American leaders told ESPN last summer that this was too close to the previous name and therefore unacceptable.

The team has long said it will keep the burgundy and gold color scheme, but ditched its cheerleaders in favor of a coed dance team.


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