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Virat Kohli Assured Of The Workforce’s Preparations Being Higher Than Previous

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The Indian skipper Virat Kohli says that the experience factor is now much better than in the 2018 squad and also appreciated the very good preparation this time. India has failed to win in the last two tours in England, but has twice in Australia constant. This will be the best opportunity for India to rewrite the history of the previous tours.

India currently has a high quality bowling attack to take 20 wickets in these conditions and they have all bases covered. They have enough experience in midfield and Virat Kohli desperately wants to win his first series of tests as captain in England.

Virat Kohli (Image source: Twitter)

“We’ll have enough players to raise their hands” – Virat Kohli

Virat Kohli helped the Indian team do better than on the previous England tours as the preparations for the tour and the experience part went really well. India was in England for two months and completed a three-day warm-up game before the test series. Kohli was confident that there were enough experienced players to raise hands in difficult situations.

“We are definitely much better prepared than in the past. The players who were inexperienced in 2018 are now more experienced. Yes, there will be failures, but we will have enough players who raise their hands and be counted in pressure situations. ” said Kohli in the pre-series conference.

Virat Kohli and Ajinkya Rahane
Virat Kohli and Ajinkya Rahane (Image source: Twitter)

Kohli emphasizes the damage control factor

Kohli shared that controlling the damage in a session that doesn’t go India’s way will be key to winning a streak, and also revealed that it was waiting for opponents to walk on their hindfoot to their advantage to use. He added that winning every session is not guaranteed and things could change quickly on test cricket.

“Understand how to control damage when things are not going the way you like. Test cricket is about getting through situations and then capitalizing on when things turn in your direction.

“That’s because not all sessions go according to your wishes. If it’s not good for you as a team, we want to keep improving in this area. In the friendlies in which we did that, we won in the end. ” Kohli added.

Virat Kohli, India
Virat Kohli celebrates a wicket. Image Reuters

Virat Kohli has experienced a centuries-long drought in international cricket for the past two years and he will strive to break it in the upcoming series.


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