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Video: Watch a ridiculous 3 vs. 1 MMA battle go down in Poland

We have long praised Twitter user Grabaka Hitman for managing to find and share a lot of pretty outrageous MMA material from smaller international shows around the world. He recently provided footage of a Russian brawl at an event that ended with two of the contestants having an official cage fight. Now he’s got something even stranger: a 3-on-1 fight that turns out exactly as you’d imagine in most 3-on-1 fights.

All of this happened on Saturday July 31st at an Elite Fighters event in Rzeszow, Poland. The lonely man: someone only identifies as ‘Kung Fu Panda’ (really). His opposing team: Miłosz Włodkowski, Maciej Szendung and Norbert Grązka. The duration of the fight: 14 seconds.

Just look:

Other madness from the Elite Fighters event:

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