USA’s Duke Ragan Advances To Males’s Featherweight Gold Medal Spherical

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Duke Ragan will get gold.

The first US professional boxer to ever win a bout at the Olympics continues to rewrite history in Tokyo. Cincinnatis Ragan moves up to the men’s featherweight gold medal after split decision overtaking Ghana’s Samuel Takyi.

Tayki won 29-28 on one card, overruled by 30-27, 29-28, 29-28 and 29-28 for Ragan in her featherweight semifinals on Tuesday at the Kokugikan Arena in Tokyo.

Both boxers played to their strengths in the opening round. Takyi – who is five inches taller and has much greater reach – put out his long stab while trying to measure his right hand. Ragan’s superior indoor fights prevented the Ghanaian boxer from landing much consistency, while the Cincinnati were able to connect with a left counterhook. Takyi offered some excitement at the end of the round, perhaps the difference of winning the round on three of the five scorecards.

Billy Walsh, head coach of the US boxing team, told Ragan that the first round was over and that he had to win the rest of the fight. Taking advice, Ragan increased his punching power and let Takyi clinch inside after repeatedly missing with left hooks and wide right hands.

Ragan won the second round of four of the five judges, with the fight on the table going into the final three minutes for both boxers.

Takyi emptied his arsenal, sometimes landing with his right hand and wildly missing the mark on other occasions. Ragan stayed calm, connected with his overrand right and touched Takyi with his jab. Takyi overshot a right hand and was caught by a left hook on the way.

Ragan’s upswing was enough to see the fight on four of the five scorecards – and good enough to keep gold tracking.

The US team is now

Jake Donovan is a senior writer for Twitter: @JakeNDaBox