Tyron Woodley pays fan $5,000 for finest meme from his knockout loss to Jake Paul

Tyron Woodley pays the fan $ 5,000 for the best meme from his knockout loss to Jake Paul

Former UFC welterweight champion Tyron Woodley is anything but a bad loser.

After being knocked out in a rematch to Jake Paul on December 18, Woodley quickly became an internet meme. On Monday, Woodley decided to join the cyber gimmicks by offering $ 5,000 to the fan who will create the best meme depicting the knockout.

“They thought a lesson would make me quit. That shit made me laugh. I’ve been here before. # BounceBack # Elastic

But you’re all really funny with the memes. Some of that shit makes me laugh at myself. People with Photoshop and editing skills. Might be paid for it too.

May I help you. 5 bands for the funniest video / picture. Rules below:

1) Must use multilayer posts
2) First slide has to show your meme / second slide that you are following me
3) Yes, I am not giving you 5 tapes so you can drill me and not follow me FOH. Tag me so I can see
4) Promise to do something good

That’s it. Ready, go, ”Woodley posted with a middle finger emoji.

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On Tuesday, Woodley paid the prize money to a fan named Chris Ashley and posted the video meme.

“This bank a $$ Neeega @chrisashley Won Imma has to be processed later! Merry Christmas! Spread some love and do something good, ”Woodley wrote in the post.

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