Totally different coaching inspirations that athletes can use

Different training inspirations that athletes can use

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Do you consider yourself an athlete? You don’t have to be a professional who is making money doing what you love to call yourself an athlete; there are plenty of amateur athletes who are just as passionate about their sport and are always looking for ways to push themselves further and reach that next level of personal best. So much of your success can be traced back to your training sessions. Training is meant to strengthen you physically and mentally and ensure that you’re ready for the challenge of your chosen sport. If you feel like your training has reached a plateau and you’re having a hard time pushing through, it may be that you just need some training inspiration. Here are some of the ways you can find inspiration that will reinvigorate you.

Start tracking your progress

Motivation and inspiration can often go hand-in-hand, and for athletes, there is no better way to blend them than by tracking your progress. If you can track your training progress, you’ll be able to see the results that will prove to you that you’re on the right track. You may want to write down your progress, make notes of measurements and weight if that is important in your sport, and even take photos of yourself. It’s almost as if you’re journaling your adventure, which means you can flip through the previous entries and feel inspired by how far you’ve come.

Pick an athlete to look up to

A popular training inspiration for many is to find a particular athlete you admire and respect that you can look up to. Maybe their story resonates with you, as well as their grit and determination, their successes, or even their attitude and how they approach a challenge. You can connect to an athlete any way you want, and then use their journey to fuel your own. There’s no reason that the athlete you look to for inspiration has to be in your sport either, since any professional athlete can inspire you.

Attend a big sporting event and let the moment wash over you

Sometimes, what acts as inspiration is to see how exciting it is when professionals succeed in their chosen sport. The Cheltenham Festival is one of the biggest events of the year in terms of horse racing. The event takes place in March at the Cheltenham Racecourse running four days in length, leading up to the main event, which is the Gold Cup Day. The event brings in hundreds of thousands of spectators and has become so much more than just racing.

As an athlete, this is the perfect opportunity to watch these jockeys in action, appreciate all the training they have done to get to this point, hear the crowds cheering them on and get swept up in the moment.

Mix things up where training is concerned

Then there is the fact that maybe you need to mix things up where training is concerned to feel inspired. If you have a routine that you have stuck to for weeks, months and even years, it’s hard to get excited about it and feel inspired by it. Keeping your training sessions fresh, exciting, and challenging will act as inspiration.

Perhaps you’re having a hard time thinking outside the box and incorporating some different training techniques. If that’s the case, try working with a personal trainer who can offer customised tips and advice. Even working with them temporarily can be helpful.

Remind yourself what you love about the sport

This can also be a great time to remind yourself what it is you love about the sport. What drew you to it in the first place? What motivated you to be your best? Sometimes it’s important to take things back to the basics.

Inspiration surrounds you – you just have to know where to look

The fact is that inspiration surrounds you, but the key is knowing where to look. As an athlete who is looking to up your game where inspiration is concerned, all these techniques can prove useful, especially if you combine them.

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