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Tommy Welch Blasts By means of Jiri Svacina in One Spherical in Italy

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It was a successful raid in Italy last night for Brighton heavyweight destroyer Tommy Welch who broke Jiri Svacina in one round to hold his perfect undefeated record.

Welch was supposed to face Petr Frolich but was withdrawn at the last minute and replaced by the experienced Svacina for the four-round match in Fano, Marken, on the Adriatic coast.

Unsettled by the change, the concreted Welch dropped Svacina four hard times in the first round and the Czech Republic’s 61-bout veteran failed to come out the second time and chose to sit on his stool.

The rapidly emerging talent flashes through all of the opponents he’s been presented with, with his previous three going in two rounds as they succumb to the 26-year-old’s great punching power. It was the second consecutive foreign assignment for Welch, whose previous fight in Brussels in June against György Kutasi ended in the second round.

Welch was pleased with his Italian job and felt that he had mastered a number of situations that were presented to him before the fight and that will benefit him for the future.

“When I hit him flush with the first big shot in the first ten seconds of the opening lap, I knew I had him,” said Welch.

“From that point on, Svacina knew he was with an animal and he wasn’t going to escape, and I wounded him with every shot as I hit the canvas four times. After the first round he sat on his stool and it was clear that he no longer wanted. “

“He said to me afterwards, ‘Man, you are very strong and fast, these heavyweights will fight you,’ which was good to hear because he is very experienced and has been with a lot of people.”

“I felt that I was successful with what was presented to me out there. We were told the venue was inside and outside. In fact, it gave the fight a gladiator feel as it was in Italy and my grandfather, who is part Italian, would have been overjoyed if he had still been alive. “

“The last minute change of opponents was another factor. Svacina was the original opponent but we wanted a heavier one and went with Frolich, but then he was replaced by Svacina again. I was a little pissed off and that’s probably why the fight was over so quickly. “

“Also, it was boiling hot and there were no changing rooms. The Joker face mask was a treat too. Because of my performance, I had the audience behind me. It reminded me of the line in the movie Gladiator, ‘Win the crowd and you will win your freedom’ and I did. “

“If I can learn from and deal with all these different situations and pressures early on in my career, I know that if I go to my opponent’s backyard in the future, I can deal with them.”

Welch faces a busy summer with another fight on August 29th in Brussels, Belgium and then on the Hennessy Sports show live on Channel 5 on Friday September 10th at Coventry Skydome Arena.


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