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Tom Brady will get {custom} tequila for his birthday

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TAMPA, Fla. – What does a seven-time Super Bowl-winning quarterback who seemingly have everything for his 44th birthday get?

Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady’s production company Shadow Lion came up with the perfect gift to honor their namesake (Brady first called himself the “Shadow Lion” in a 2017 Super Bowl hype video).

The company sent Brady its own custom-made “LiTle Avocado Tequila” bottles for his special day and poked fun at Brady’s Super Bowl LV boat parade gimmicks, which he tweeted back to the drink.

The label features an illustration of the infamous photo of Brady held back by teammate Ryan Griffin after an alcohol-infused cruise on the Hillsborough River left him shaky and intoxicated.

The drink is touted as “aged 43 years” and “LV proof”. It also boasts of being “electrolytically packaged” and “hydrating” because no Brady drink would be complete without health benefits.

No word yet from Brady’s warehouse on whether this will actually be open to the public, but the company added a note that Brady wasn’t able to open the bottles until February if he’s hoping to get ring # 8.


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