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This Is A Make-or-Break Sequence For Take a look at Batsman Rohit Sharma – Sanjay Manjrekar

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Former Indian batsman Sanjay Manjrekar reckoned that the upcoming test series against England should determine whether Rohit Sharma’s testing career progresses or comes to an end.

Referring to Sharma’s contradicting home and away records – he has an average of 79.52 in India and it drops astonishingly to 27.27 outside – Sanjay Manjrekar believed that a team shouldn’t have an aging batsman just on his own scores big goals on home soil and swayed away.

Sharma opened for the first time in England in the WTC final against New Zealand. Although he started with values ​​of 34 and 30, he did not manage to convert this into a large score.

Rohit Sharma (Image source: Twitter)

“This is also a make-or-break series for testing batter in [Rohit] Sharma, because it makes no sense to have a racket with over 40 tests under his belt at the age of 34 to be on the test team if he just wants to get big scores in India, ”wrote Sanjay Manjrekar in his column for Hindustan Just.

In view of the uncertainty surrounding his opening partner and a fallible, out of shape middle class, the responsibility on Sharma’s shoulders to weather the early storm of the English pacemaker also grows.

Rishabh Pant could be the game changer: Sanjay Manjrekar

Rishabh Pant has been coming into the series in thunderous form since the Australian tour, carrying her to the home series against England and then to the IPL. For Sanjay Manjrekar, it would be the left-handed dynamo who would decide the outcome of the series, the player who would change the games in India’s favor.

Rishabh pants
Rishabh Pants (Image Source: Twitter)

“I believe this will be a series that will be decided by an exceptional individual, that one game changer in every test that can determine the moment and move his team forward.


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