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‘The USWNT lacked combat and winners’ – Solo discusses Olympic Video games disappointment and Andonovski’s future

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The two-time Olympic and world champion dissected the historic defeat of the US women’s national team against Canada in Tokyo 2020

Former U.S. women’s national team goalkeeper Hope Solo believes cultural change has led to a lack of fighting in this summer’s Olympics world champions.

Speak with gate on All of US: The US women’s soccer show, the two-time Olympic and women’s world champion in 2015, dissected the USWNT’s semi-final loss to Canada, which was their first loss to their North American rivals in 20 years.

She also talked about the future of head coach Vlatko Andonovski, who hopes to save a bronze medal against Australia on Thursday in its first major tournament since US soccer’s appointment.

What did Solo say?

“I think it’s a cultural change in the team. It’s not necessarily about Xs and Os anymore. Of course you need a good game plan, but you need winners on the field,” said Solo gate.

“You need players who take part in every header, who kill the players. Like Abby [Wambach, former USWNT forward], she is not afraid of anything. We had Abby Wambach on the team and she will find a way to score or to win. She may not be the best footballer, but she will win it for us.

“I think there is a cultural shift going on right now. The players are becoming more stars and fewer winners. We are very focused on our appearances in advertising, we are very focused on fighting for equal pay, and the other side of that,” We focus us more on the scientific aspect of professional sport.

“What I hear is that there are more rest days, there are more rest days and sometimes you just need your players to take their turn and run a couple of 120s and remind everyone that no matter what, it’s about fighting. Because that is the culture of the United States Football Association [and] the United States women’s team – fight for anything.

“We lost that fight in 2016 [losing to Sweden in the Olympic quarter-finals] and I haven’t seen any American fight in this tournament. It goes back to the culture. “

Carli Lloyd USWNT 2021

“I wonder if Andonovski is falling victim to wanting players to like him”

Solo also spoke about the future of Andonovski, who was named head coach of the USWNT in late 2019. This was his first major tournament in charge of the team and questions about his role in their failure to win gold were a hot topic.

“I sometimes wonder if Vlatko wants his players to like him,” said Solo All of US: The US women’s soccer show. “Sometimes the nice guy doesn’t win big tournaments.

“Sometimes you need someone who’s cutthroat. Sometimes you sit on the bench for 90 minutes, even as a star, when the star isn’t playing well and it’s hard to swallow. It doesn’t really make the players like you as a manager, but I think not that managers should be liked by every single player on the team, frankly, because I think you’re doing something wrong right now.

“Obviously, [Vlatko] is a young coach in terms of international experience, but I also think a lot of the responsibility rests with some of these older players, “she added before referring to Jill Ellis’ tenure. Ellis was between 2014 and for the USA in charge of 2019 and won two world titles.

“A lot of the players had more international experience than Jill and not every player loved Jill. Her leadership style, it was a much fear-based way of leadership and often we wanted to win despite the coach – and that’s not necessarily bad.

“We weren’t always the best team when we won the World Cup in 2015, but we still had winners and we found a way to win and that ultimately falls on the shoulders of experienced players and this US team did many “that.

“Before Vlatko took the job, I think the United States Soccer Federation looked at so many different options for coaches, scanned all over the oceans and decided that Vlatko would be the main character.

“I don’t think his job is in jeopardy, which is quite a surprise to be honest, because we’ve had coaches in the past where we had a big loss or a big loss in a tournament and they were gone the next day.” or the same bus ride home. We had the President of US Soccer in the front seat of the bus and the moment we walked into the hotel the bus was gone. “

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