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The state of the Bears-Packers rivalry in a single miserable quarterback stat

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To see the state of the Bears-Packers rivalry as Sunday, a depressing statistic is short and sweet.

The Chicago Bears and Green Bay Packers will renew their rivalry this weekend in the first of two matchups this season (with the exception of one playoff matchup). Aaron Rodgers will of course be at the heart of the Packers. Rookie Justin Fields will be making his fourth career start and his first of what Bears fans hope many will be against Green Bay.

The Packers have enjoyed remarkable continuity and excellence in a key position in the field. Brett Favre never missed a start from Don Majkowski in September 1992 until his departure after the 2007 season, while Rodgers has only been pulled off the line-up due to an injury since taking over in 2008. Two Hall of Famers, over 30 seasons now.

Chicago’s difficulties in finding a franchise quarterback are well known. There have been design failures (Cade McNown, Mitch Trubisky) and steps to bring in a veteran that didn’t quite work out (Jay Cutler).

A depressing quarterback stat reflects the state of the Bears-Packers rivalry

Fields will be the 20th starting quarterback the Bears had against the Packers since 1992.

Brett Hundley makes the list of Packers who have been starting quarterbacks against the Bears since 1992. He made a start when Rodgers dropped out in 2017. Otherwise it was Favre and Rodgers.

Can you name the first 19 Bears quarterbacks to fight the Packers since 1992? Let’s go over the names.

Jim Harbaugh
Steve Walsh
Erik Kramer
Dave war
Steve Stenström
Shane Matthews
Cade McNown
Jim Miller
Cord Stewart
Rex Grossmann
Chad Hutchinson
Kyle Orton
Brian Griese
Jay Cutler
Josh McCown
Matt Barkley
Brian Hoyer
Mitch Trubisky
Mike Glennon

Yes, that’s 19 who have preceded Fields as the Bears’ starting quarterback against the Packers since 1992. The list of other quarterbacks who only appeared in games against the Packers during this period is also interesting.


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