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Teddy Atlas: Woodley Has The Look of a Shot Fighter, Jake Paul Will Win!

Hall of Fame trainer Teddy Atlas supports Youtube star Jake Paul to defeat former UFC champion Tyron Woodley – this coming Sunday evening in the main event on a Showtime Pay-Per-View card.

39-year-old Woodley was once considered one of the best MMA fighters in the world – but he has no boxing experience.

24-year-old Paul is in his fourth professional fight – but he has never met anyone with Woodley’s martial arts experience.

“[Paul] can sell it … because it comes with credibility, “said Atlas, according to MMA Junkie, on his podcast,” THE FIGHT “.

“He’s fighting a guy who’s going to be tough. He’s fighting a guy who’s a striker who was a champion and that’s one of the reasons he’s selling himself and part of the reason he chose Woodley because that fight can be given credibility, which says the guy could win.

Woodley lost his last four fights in the UFC. He was eventually released by promotion.

Back in April, Paul scored a break in the first round against another MMA veteran, Ben Askren, who is also good friends with Woodley.

But Woodley is taller, stronger, and a better striker than Askren, who was undersized and out of shape for the fight.

Still, Atlas expects Paul to win – by knockout.

“I’ll say it, and I’m not supposed to be disrespectful – I’ve already said the things I had to say about how much I respect.” [Woodley] – but he was shot, ”said Atlas.

“He looks like a shot fighter in MMA and UFC. Now, because he’s a professional fighter and former champion, a lot of people will say that he is going to beat Paul. He’s in a bad place mentally. He’s in a bad place physically. He’s not in his best position. Now after saying what I said he lost the last four fights, 39 years old, and lost these to real fighters.

“Paul is the bigger one. He is strong. [He] has that advantage and he has the option to throw which is a decent right hand he has, ”said Atlas. “He has the ability to toss and land because of Woodley’s style and Woodley’s mistakes. [Woodley] stands straight. It’s predictable. He throws this slow push. He half throws it away. He lets you get close. Paul has a good right hand. He will land the right hand. So the bad news is, Paul will knock him out. “


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