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Teddy Atlas: The Cut up Resolution Was Absurd, Jake Paul Gained In all probability Six Rounds!

Hall of Fame trainer Teddy Atlas saw Youtuber, the boxer, Jake Paul, as the clear winner of last Sunday’s fight with former UFC champion Tyron Woodley.

Their competition was titled a Showtime Pay-Per-View card in Paul’s hometown of Cleveland.

Paul won an eight-round split decision – but Atlas felt Paul was a legitimate victory.

The veteran coach felt Woodley wasn’t busy enough and let Paul off the hook at key moments of the competition – like when he rocked Paul in the fourth round.

“Pressure without beating, it’s like autumn is coming, autumn is coming and there are a lot of leaves to rake,” said Atlas. “It’s like raking all these leaves together and raking them all up in a pile and then you can’t get rid of them. You just put them in a pile and the wind blows them back and you have leaves again! And what the fuck did you do You didn’t do anything, you just got tired. And so it happened that he raked the sheets in a pile but couldn’t get rid of them, “Atlas told MMA Hour.

“He didn’t hit and he left his man, Paul, there, and just like the leaves will come back and disperse and take their place, well, Paul could come back and disperse back to the outskirts and use the jab and be able.” be able to carry the action or the rhythm of the fight and control the parameters of the ring, enough to win.

“That split decision was absurd, it was absurd. Paul probably won six rounds. You want to do it five rounds, fine. But make a split decision? No. The bottom line is, whether he made a conscious decision or he is now, Woodley is just his MO. That’s him.”


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