Talks heating up between Eagles, Texans

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Trade talks between the Houston Texans and the Philadelphia Eagles over quarterback Deshaun Watson are reportedly heating up.

The future of Texan quarterback Deshaun Watson is still very much in the air as training camps around the league are already underway.

It’s still unclear where Watson will play football this season, but some new rumors point to Philadelphia.

According to Chris Trapasso of CBS Sports, “the talks” between the Eagles and the Texans are heating up.

“There are still some hurdles to overcome,” tweeted Trapasso. “But both sides are trying to come to an agreement.”

Deshaun Watson’s trade rumors about the Eagles are gaining ground

This is interesting in several ways.

The Eagles swapped Carson Wentz for the Colts, suggesting they are all in Jalen Hurts. They also have Joe Flacco and Nick Mullens on the list.

Is it possible that they are not totally excited about Hurts and prefer to go out and get Watson to clear up all of their questions at QB?

Of course, the situation with Watson is not in a nutshell. He faces a number of lawsuits from massage therapists alleging sexual assault during their sessions with him.

These allegations hovered above all possible trade talks.

At first it seemed like the Texans would resist Watson’s urge to be traded. He requested a swap because of his frustration with the franchise and is unlikely to be playing for the team this year.

Now, if they are ready to part ways, given the unresolved allegations against him, they may struggle to close a deal. While the NFL has taken no action against him, any team that makes a trade that earns him runs the risk of their new quarterback eventually being banned.

Watson visits the Texans training camp but has yet to practice with the team when it comes to injuries.