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T20 Might Have Helped Cricket Qualify For Olympics; The Hundred Wasn’t Actually Wanted: Ian Chappell

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Former Australian skipper and commentator Ian Chappell believes the game’s T20 format is enough to boost cricket’s participation in the Olympics and that the newly created Hundred competition wasn’t really needed.

The 100 ball competition is an idea by the England and Wales Cricket Board, which aims to bring a new audience in the form of young children and women to the game.

England is currently running its first season for both men and women.

“Aside from reducing the number of balls to get a terrestrial television contract, the reason the hundred could be because it improves the chances of cricket making the Olympic dream come true. This is often cited as a way to bring the game’s popularity to a wider audience. Surely the T20 format could achieve the same result without further reduction, ”wrote Ian Chappell in his column for ESPNcricinfo.

The Hundred (Image source: Twitter)

Chappell believes that performance satisfaction plays a role when teens fall in love with the game.

He adds that the shorter the playing time, the greater the likelihood that players will just make up the numbers.

“Cricket is a team game that ideally is played by 11 members on each side. Performance satisfaction is a big reason teens fall in love with the game. Administrators do well to remember this before developing shorter forms of the game. The more the length of an inning is shortened, the greater the likelihood that players will “just make up the numbers”. Even these players crave the occasional performance satisfaction, ”he added.

Ian Chappell went on to write about his thoughts on ‘The Hundred’:

“Throughout my career I have believed that there are two possible solutions to a problem: a simple one and a complicated one. I also believed that England would regularly choose the complicated solution for the benefit of Australia. You did it again. To overcome the perceived problem that the public is completely familiar with cricket, they invented another form of the game – The Hundred. That’s right, they have a format that has been hugely popular with players and audiences alike, reduced by just 20 balls, ”he added.

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