Steelers, Mike Tomlin don’t have any regrets about buying and selling Melvin Ingram

For better or for worse, the Steelers traded Melvin Ingram for the Kansas City Chiefs instead of considering him a more consistent role in the defense.

Tomlin continues to claim the Steelers want volunteers, not hostages. That may be true, but what if the defense volunteers can’t attack while Ingram can?

Pittsburgh’s defense has struggled for the past few weeks, partly due to injuries and COVID outbreaks, and partly due to downright systematic mistakes by Defense Coordinator Keith Butler. Would the Steelers’ defense have been better off with Ingram?

“We haven’t weighed their circumstances, no. We weighed our circumstances, ”said Tomlin. “Not just the tangible element of our circumstances, but the intangible quality that defines the team. As I mentioned when we moved him, we had the opportunity to add value to him. That was entertaining and interesting for us. But also, to be honest, Melvin didn’t want to be here anymore. And for us we prefer volunteers to hostages. “

Steelers made gifts to Chief Melvin Ingram for little money

The Steelers only got one sixth round election in exchange for Ingram, so there was always some risk he could make Pittsburgh look silly for doing so. Ingram wanted to play the time through Alex Highsmith across from TJ Watt. The Steelers liked what they got in Highsmith – in fact, they still do – but Ingram wasn’t content with being a deep piece.

So he forced his way from Pittsburgh to the Chiefs, a needy team that immediately hired him as a starter. In three starts with Kansas City, Ingram has a total of 10 tackles, three QB hits, one tackle for the loss, and 1.0 sacks.

Tomlin remains confident in Kevin Colbert’s decision-making, even if that trade could return as early as this week to bite the Steelers.

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