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Steelers followers already need to bench Mason Rudolph for Dwayne Haskins

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Mason Rudolph fiddled with the Steelers’ first preseason possession, and fans wanted to see more of Dwayne Haskins.

Haskins is fighting for 2nd place with Rudolph. Rudolph has had the backup position behind Ben Roethlisberger in a stranglehold for several seasons, but the team no longer sees him as an independent heir to the future Hall of Famer. Instead, Haskins, the former Buckeye and Washington first-round pick, will have every opportunity to usurp him.

During the team’s first offensive possession in the game, Rudolph fumbled down a third in a handoff exchange. The ball was recovered by Dallas Cowboys rookie defense end Micah Parsons.

Pittsburgh Steelers: Should Dwayne Haskins Replace Mason Rudolph?

It is the first possession of the first preseason game. It’s far too early to give up Rudolph as a backup based on a game, especially considering that the fumbling wasn’t even entirely his fault. The change was bad, that also applies to the ball carrier and offensive line.

Steelers fans almost immediately wanted to see less of Rudolph and more of Haskins.

The Steelers won’t listen to their fan base. They entered this game with an obvious plan to see both Rudolph and Haskins get a lot of reps.

Fans will surely see Haskins soon enough.


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