Skip Bayless names 3 groups that ought to signal Cam Newton at the moment

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Skip Bayless approaches three teams who he believes would win more games with Cam Newton than with their current starter.

Nobody expected Cam Newton to be available in the off-season or at all at this point. The shocking move came on Tuesday when New England released Newton.

This move could change a few things for teams that originally thought they were with the quarterback.

FOX Sports’ Skip Bayless stepped in and gave up three teams he believes will win more games than they would with their current starter.

Skip Bayless believes these teams make the most sense for Cam Newton

Skips three teams: the Washington Football Team, the Denver Broncos, and the Houston Texans.

The Washington Football team named Ryan Fitzpatrick their first week starter last Sunday after spending the off-season dominating the team’s first team representatives.

This one is interesting as Washington head coach Ron Rivera and Newton share a history after reaching a Super Bowl with the Panthers in 2016.

Would Rivera be willing to bring Newton in after the quarterback’s decision not to get vaccinated, especially given that Rivera recently got out of cancer and was reportedly “more than frustrated” by the soccer team’s low vaccination rate a month ago?

The Denver Broncos, meanwhile, named Teddy Bridgewater their starter versus reigning starter Drew Lock. They were rumored to be inquiring about several high profile quarterbacks in the market during the off-season: Aaron Rodgers and Deshaun Watson.

It seems they are happy with their starter at Bridgewater for the time being, and the fit there wouldn’t make sense to either side as Newton may not win this battle for position either.

The Houston Texans, however, should offer Newton the most intrigue. With Deshaun Watson’s career in the air, her current quarterback options include Tyrod Taylor and Davis Mills – one of the weakest in the league.

Newton would probably have the chance to step directly into a starting role with the Texans, who have already got used to mobile quarterbacks after Watson.

Newton’s playing career is undoubtedly on the downside, but one of those teams could offer him a chance for one final hurray.