Sikh riders offered with an impact-resistant Powerful Tu…

Sikh riders presented with an impact-resistant Tough Tu...

SIKH motorcyclists have been exempt from sporting a helmet within the UK since 1976, with the introduction of the Motorcycle Crash-Helmets (Religious Exemption) Act, 1976. Regardless of this exemption to the regulation, there’s not a lot in the way in which of protecting headgear particularly for Sikh riders in the marketplace.

Sporting a turban for practising Sikhs is a vital side of their religion, and regardless of with the ability to legally experience with no helmet on the street, Sikh riders can even little question think about the inherent dangers of using with no protecting lid. 

Enter Powerful Turban, a historically styled turban made with three layers of safety, to fulfill each security and spiritual wants. As proven within the accompanying launch video, Sikhs used to experience into battle donning protecting chainmail beneath their tied turbans, which design director Chris Pearen used as inspiration for this idea product.

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