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Sean Taylor to grow to be third participant in Washington Soccer Workforce franchise historical past to have jersey quantity retired

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ASHBURN, Virginia – Washington Football Team will remove Sean Taylor’s # 21 jersey. He is only the third player in franchise history to receive such an honor.

Taylor’s shirt number is withdrawn during a ceremony prior to Sunday’s home game against the Kansas City Chiefs. The team also announced on Thursday that a street leading to the stadium would be renamed “Sean Taylor Road”.

Washington players will also wear a # 21 sticker on their helmets on Sunday.

“I came into the NFL the same year as Sean Taylor and immediately his athletic ability, resilience, courage and tireless work ethic made him stand out. I and many others saw him as a role model,” Washington President Jason Wright said in a statement . “The fact that he was tragically kidnapped so early on has harmed our community of players, as well as our fans, coaches and staff. We will continue to remember him and hold him up as an example of professionalism and excellence, and we will everyone tries to mirror it. ” His Excellency in our way. “

Taylor was shot dead in a robbery on his home in Florida on November 27, 2007 and later died. He was in the middle of his best NFL season at the time of his death, despite being out due to injury at the time according to teammates and coaches, and was named second-team all-pro in 2007.

Taylor will be the only Washington players, along with Sammy Baugh (# 33) and Bobby Mitchell (# 49), whose jersey numbers have been withdrawn. Other numbers like No. 28 by Darrell Green, No. 81 by Art Monk and No. 44 by John Riggins have not been worn since these players left. All three are in the Hall of Fame.

Washington designed Taylor with the fifth overall pick in 2004, despite wearing the number 36 during his rookie season. The following year he moved to 21st place.

Taylor’s combination of height and athleticism made him a unique talent in Washington’s secondary education, and his popularity later led to a number of collateral that later sported the number 21. Washington’s current security Landon Collins, who wore the number 21 when he was with the New York Giants, said he hoped Washington would call him up because Taylor played there.


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