Sean Strickland picks aside Uriah Corridor in dominant choice victory | UFC Vegas 33

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Sean Strickland and Uriah Hall go to war in a middleweight bout of the UFC APEX Main Event in Las Vegas, Nevada, at UFC Vegas 33 tonight (Sat July 31, 2021). Both men enter this fight in similar positions and ride four-way – battling winning streaks and hoping to win a top five opponent next. Hall has three of his last four wins in recent years, while Strickland has quickly won three in a row since returning from a middleweight motorcycle accident. Although both men are strikers, it remains a battle between calm explosion and constant aggression.

While not a title eliminator, a man will get one step closer to middleweight gold. Buckle up for tonight’s main event and follow below for live updates and highlight clips:

Round one

Strickland puts the jab on early and he immediately puts pressure on it. Strickland is just missing with his broad right hand, but the jab scores. Hall bumps back on the body, but after 90 seconds it drops sharply in terms of volume. Strickland absolutely marches down his enemy and those right hands begin to land. Hall hits a calf kick, but Strickland doesn’t give him any room. Hard counterattack straight from “Primetime”. Hall starts answering more often, but Strickland is still the more active man. Big right hit from Hall in the last 15 seconds of the round.

Round two

The hard swapping of jabs begins on round two when Hall takes over the center. Strickland swings big with a four-part combination and Hall looks stunned. Strickland raves, but Hall covers up against the cage and defends a takedown. Hall defends himself against the fence and eats a check hook. Hall advances, lands a low kick. Double jab connects for reverb. Both men actively stabbing until a low knocking blow from Strickland stops the action. Hall pulls out a kick on his calf. Strickland responds with a couple of solid kicks in the final seconds of the round, avoiding a spin from Hall. Close round!

Round three

Hall aggressive at the beginning of the third, scores with his low kicks. Body shocks from Hall. Strickland scores with some nice straight strokes. Strickland lands a hard right hand and a takedown! It looks like Hall was badly injured and Strickland is teeming with a series of ground blows. Hall stays hard and works right down to the feet. Strickland pulls him back down, but can’t hold him there. A third takedown lands for Strickland, this one in the middle of the Octagon. Strickland works half-watch, looking for submissions, and occasionally landing an elbow. Hall gives up his back, but he avoids the stranglehold in order to survive the round.

Round four

Hall still looks a bit injured, but he swings hard to start the championship rounds. Hard low kick lands for Hall. Strickland checks a kick, lands a jab. Strickland lands a tough streak of jabs. Hall attacks the middle section. Strickland lets his jab flow when Hall refuses to listen to his trainer, who asks for longer combinations. Strickland finds 1-2, absorbs two body shots. Stiff jab from Hall. Other. Hall wiggles a Strickland right hand and he uses it to get the double leg takedown. Hall works his way up at the expense of his knees. Strickland ends up on break and Hall is cut. Even so, he survived the round and even ended up near the bell.

Round five

Hall comes out hard and he lands some good shots. Strickland evades, finds a couple of lead gunshots on the counter. Great exchange of right hands. Strickland clings briefly, and that really seems to drain the energy from Hall, whose punches immediately look more laborious. These two exchange in the phonebooth area! Strickland rams his opponent into the clinch after a series of straight punches. Strickland lands a big right when Hall tries to escape the fence. Strickland really ambushes Hall with his dirty boxing along the fence, but Hall breaks free, 40 seconds behind. However, his time in the center does not last long, as Strickland repeatedly pushes him to the end.

Result: Sean Strickland defeated Uriah Hall by unanimous decision (50-45, 50-44, 49-46)

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