Seahawks screwed over by refs on game-changing missed name (Video)

The Seattle Seahawks were ripped off against the Los Angeles Rams late by officials over a critical call disrupting a missed passport.

Do the Seahawks have a lot to offer? No. Does that mean they’re not trying to win? Also no.

Seattle proudly plays a rare Tuesday night game thanks to the rapid spread of COVID-19 in the league. At this point in the game, just a touchdown to the Rams, Russell Wilson attempted a deep pass to DeeJay Dallas who was knocked down by an LA defender. However, upon further scrutiny, Dallas was definitely disrupted before the ball arrived.

The replay luckily does a little justice to Dallas, but the verdict will remain incomplete as it is an unverifiable game.

Seahawks Losing Again: What Happened To Russell Wilson?

Wilson is under contract in Seattle until 2023, with a possible exit in 2022. Because of this, Wilson’s name has been mentioned in trade rumors since the last off-season.

The Seahawks quarterback played into these rumors by posting a list of teams he would be willing to play for on the deal, which at the time included the Chicago Bears. The Philadelphia Eagles and the New York Giants have been named as ideal applicants in recent weeks.

While it’s unclear exactly why, the tension between Pete Carroll and Wilson over the years has had an undeniable impact on the star quarterback. A below-average 2021 – now essentially guaranteed – won’t help the matter further.

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