Seahawks insider expects main modifications, mentions Russell Wilson

Seattle Seahawks insider Michael-Shawn Dugar anticipates big changes this offseason, possibly including Russell Wilson.

Dugar covers the Seahawks for The Athletic so he knows.

Seattle started the season expecting to compete in a four-team race for NFC West. Sure, they play in the toughest league in football, but aren’t the Seahawks talented enough to at least get a spot with wild cards as it’s currently set up?

Well part of that is the problem. This team, as it is currently set up, has not been healthy for most of the year. Add in a few wrong decisions from General Manager John Schneider and the looming trade rumors of quarterback Russell Wilson and it is sure to be an interesting off-season for the Seahawks.

Seahawks: What’s the Seattle Answer?

Schneider helped build a Super Bowl champion that the Seahawks did not have until then. In Seattle he gets a free beer as long as he lives. But that Super Bowl came in 2014. Although the Seahawks had the same line-up of Russell Wilson and Pete Carroll, they haven’t peaked since then, losing to the New England Patriots in Super Bowl XLIX.

The longtime general manager is under contract until 2027 – which means a lot of job security – so he’s not going anywhere. Carroll is 70 years old and retirement is not in the distant future. After a bad year, could he retire entirely from the NFL, a Seattle legend?

Wilson is a more complicated case. He is arguably the best quarterback in the franchise’s recent history. Wilson’s contract runs until 2023, but if the Seahawks expect to lose him, they should swap him with a few years left on his contract rather than the next off-season for the greatest value for him.

But that’s a depressing way of thinking. The NFL is a quarterback-driven league, and what are the Seahawks without Wilson? Are they that much better or worse than 5-9?

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