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Patriots’ Invoice Belichick turns again clock, naming Mac Jones Week 1 starter

The parallels between the rise of the New England Patriots by Tom Brady and Mac Jones are great, an Eagles tight end could be on the move – just not what you’d expect – and so much more in this week’s Between The Hash Marks.

In one of the most seminal moves of the NFL offseason, the New England Patriots appear to be turning back time after naming Mac Jones as starting round one quarterback and releasing Cam Newton on Tuesday.

While Bill Belichick’s decision to pull the plug on a former MVP and kickstart the Jones era in Foxboro surprised many outsiders, coaches and leaders across the league greeted Tuesday’s news with a knowing nod.

“Mac is a very precise and very foresighted passerby,” said an NFC head coach to FanSided on condition of anonymity, as he is not allowed to talk about players from other teams. “He’s just your average athlete … But so was Tom Brady. We’ve all seen how that worked. “

It’s almost impossible to believe we once lived in a world where similar things were said about Brady, who as a six-round pick in his sophomore season was little more than a game manager. But that was the world in 2001 when Brady completed 63.9 percent of his passes for 2,843 yards with 18 touchdowns to 12 interceptions after replacing an injured Drew Bledsoe, leading New England to his first of six Super Bowls and the The course of NFL history changed forever.

What made the 2001 Patriots team so successful – in addition to Brady’s postseason clutch performance – was a defense that allowed only 15 touchdowns and kept opponents to just 17 points per game.

Belichick and the Patriots seem to be aiming for history to repeat itself with Jones, the 6-foot-3 and 200-pound quarterback from Alabama, who has shown that he has the arm strength to take any throw while on the route tree making three preseason games, the consistency of putting together long and time-consuming scoring drives, and at times had the pocket presence of a seasoned veteran while serving on the New England first team offense this summer.

Jones’ rise to the starting job and first opportunity to emerge as Brady’s heir at Foxboro a year after leaving Tampa Bay, where he led the Buccaneers to a Super Bowl championship, crowns an off-season in which the Patriots invested significant resources in the Invested offensive.

Putting Jones in a supporting role, which now includes tight ends Jonnu Smith and Hunter Henry, as well as aspiring slot receiver Nelson Agholor, in a system tailored to his best qualities could catapult the second chapter of Belichick’s legacy.

“I think this move is just about getting Bill up his passing game to NFL standards,” said the former NFL manager of The Year Randy Muller says FanSided. “It wasn’t there last year. Josh McDaniels now has a solid platform to expand the passing game schedule over a 17-game season.

“They really had cap straps last year and really upgraded the tight end and receiver. The passing game will really improve with Mac over Cam. “

In his three preseason appearances, Jones was 92.2 overall Pro Football Focus grade, second highest of all passers-by that summer.

“He’s probably the least mobile of all [rookie] Quarterbacks, and that might be in his favor, “former Pittsburgh Steelers QB Charlie Batch told me on a recent appearance at FanSided’s The Matt Lombardo Show Podcast. “He can sit in his pocket, deliver the soccer ball over the field … they can say, ‘We can work this offense because we’re used to what this offense can look like when a quarterback like him leads it.'”

The lines of passage between Brady, who is replacing an injured Bledsoe, continue with the opening cracked by Newton’s decision not to get the COVID-19 vaccination, despite the health and occupational risks that came with his choice.

Perhaps one day, decades in the future, Patriots fans will gather in a Boston pub over Samuel Adams, remembering that Newton was quarantined for five days after undergoing a COVID-19 test outside the team facility violating protocols and forcing him to be quarantined for five days.

Jones stole the job that week, completing 34 of 40 passes in joint practice sessions with the NY Giants, and clearly gaining the trust of Belichick, McDaniels, and the Patriots.

On the other hand, Newton could no longer be relied on … At least partly because he was not vaccinated.

The potential, if Newton stayed on the list, was that a vaccinated Jones could test positive for COVID-19. And since Newton isn’t vaccinated, he would be seen as a close contact that would force the Patriots to play emergency quarterback.

This lack of personal accountability has no place in The Patriot Way.

While Newton faces a steep climb to find another job as an unvaccinated gamer who must isolate himself from impersonal visits, Jones is now the new Patriots prodigy.

“I’m saying that … Mac Jones is a really good football player,” a current NFL offensive coordinator told FanSided. “I liked him a lot when he came out.”

The patriots do that too, of course.

Eagles’ narrow end turns back

Tight end will be one of the most coveted positions on the waiver wire in the coming days as teams look for reliable pass catchers for young quarterbacks, find some bridging options to help overcome early season injuries, or simply step up the offense.

Eagles tight-end Zach Ertz has been the subject of persistent trade rumors throughout the off-season, but with roster cuts made and another off-season milestone seen in the rear view, it seems increasingly likely that Ertz will head to town for his ninth NFL brotherly love will return season.

But don’t be surprised if Howie Roseman, general manager of the Eagles, postpones one of Philadelphia’s other tight ends … Dallas Goedert.

Dealing with Goedert, number 49 overall in the 2018 NFL Draft and a favorite of former Eagles head coach Doug Pederson, would mean a complete exorcism of the influence of the franchise’s only Super Bowl winning coach.

According to multiple league sources, Roseman was discussing getting Goedert into a deal with the Vikings before taking over Minnesota through Chris Herndon as part of a deal with the Jets.

There is a belief in the league that Goedert could be part of the package Roseman is offering the Texans for the embattled quarterback if the Eagles ultimately act for Deshaun Watson.

Ertz is a well-respected locker room leader, played a pivotal role in the Eagles’ Super Bowl win and won the victorious touchdown against the Patriots in Super Bowl LII, Jalen Hurt’s sophomore favorite target of Jalen Hurt’s sophomore on an offensive that focused on speed and youth on the perimeter based.



“There is a chance that if our stadium isn’t ready to host the Packers in Week 1, where could this game take place? There’s a chance the game might be right here at the AT&T Stadium, ”Payton said. “… We think that would be something very realistic.”

– New Orleans Saints head coach Sean Payton on the opportunity after Hurricane Ida. spending a month outside of Louisiana

Fortunately, the city’s levee system stopped on Nov.

Even so, winds and torrential rains at speeds of 150 miles per hour left their mark on the city and powered more than a million people across New Orleans.

Football is clearly secondary, or much less, to the concerns of New Orleans residents, and for a while some Saints players may even be concerned about family and property at home than they were this week and perhaps the foreseeable future .

The Saints have been here before and spent an entire season away from home in Baton Rouge and San Antonio, so Payton has had experience navigating a season on the road. However, with the Saints hosting the Packers on September 12 and the Giants on October 3, the very real possibility exists that the Cowboys will replace the Flour-De -Lis at the season opener of the league’s inaugural football extravaganza on Thursday night in Tampa Bay the star in midfield in week 1.

The New Orleans showdown with the Giants could be tougher, maybe the game will become part of a Monday Night Football doubles game or Houston since the Texans are in Buffalo in week 4.

Fortunately, and most importantly, the people of New Orleans avoided a worst-case scenario this time around. And the Saints, who will be on the road in weeks 2 and 3, make this less of a logistical challenge for Payton and Co. than it could have otherwise been a team over a possibly one-month stay away from home.

Last thought

Tua Tagovailoa was supposed to file a trade with the Miami Dolphins.

A year away from the Dolphins, who voted Tagovailoa # 5 overall in the 2020 NFL Draft, and who have been in the yo-yo with journeyman Ryan Fitzpatrick for the entire season, Miami has shown the world how little they do of theirs Hold 23-year old quarterback.

Although as a rookie he passed 1,814 yards with 11 touchdowns to just five interceptions in 10 games, and had an excellent preseason where he got 282 yards with one touchdown and one interception while making 24 of 34 passes, Dolphins has general manager Chris Grier and head coach Brian Flores have been aggressively pursuing a trade for Houston Texans quarterback Deshaun Watson.

Watson, who faces criminal sexual misconduct allegations on credible sexual assault allegations and 22 civil lawsuits, is the apple of Grier and Flores’ eyes, despite Tagovailoa being instrumental in helping the Dolphins win six of its nine starts a year ago.

When a general manager and head coach are ready to leave their positions and reputations to a quarterback who is reportedly under investigation by the FBI and, according to Yahoo! Sports’ Charles Robinson, who is willing to invest three first-round picks and two second-round picks to replace him, has no future for Tagovailoa in Miami.

There are many teams in the league with better sidelines and more steadfast organizational support that Tagovailoa would likely consider an improvement on their current situation. from the Washington Football Team to the Denver Broncos to the Minnesota Vikings or New Orleans Saints.

If Grier and Flores don’t believe in Tagovailoa, Tua should get them to prove it. And drop the Watson chips where they want.

Matt Lombardo is FanSided’s National NFL Insider and writes Between The Hash Marks every Wednesday. Email Matt: Matt.Lombardo@FanSided.com. Follow Matt on Twitter: @MattLombardoNFL


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