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Patrick Mahomes reveals he is discovered loads from Aaron Rodgers

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Patrick Mahomes has learned so much from studying the game of Aaron Rodgers over the years.

Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes is a student of the game as he’s always eager to learn from the best in the league, especially Aaron Rodgers, the Green Bay Packers NFL MVP quarterback.

During a live look-in during NFL training camp, Mahomes spoke openly to Pro Football Hall of Famer Kurt Warner about the guys he was eyeing his game on. While Mahomes said he lost a bit of weight here and there from people he plays similar to Rogers and Josh Allen, he’ll also take care of learning from quarterbacks who have a bit more up their sleeves, like Tom Brady and Kirk cousins.

While seemingly learning from everyone, Mahomes has apparently added elements of Rodgers’ game to his since playing in the Big 12 for Kliff Kingsbury at Texas Tech.

KC Chiefs: Patrick Mahomes says he’s basing his game on Aaron Rodgers

Why shouldn’t Mahomes with similar abilities use a bit of what works for Rodgers as he develops his own style of play? Obviously, Mahomes is confident enough to realize that Rodgers can do things he never can. He doesn’t have to be a facsimile of the Green Bay superstar to be successful in the league; he just has to become the best version of himself.

From a poor talent and advertising perspective, the comparisons between Mahomes and Rodgers are obvious. Both can move a little in and around the bag. Where Mahomes can continue to learn from Rodgers is what he does at the line pre-snap. Perhaps he can develop Rodgers’ patented hard counting that will sideline the opponent for one free game at a time? He’s so good at that.

Mahomes picked a stellar quarterback to largely shape his game at Rodgers.


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