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Patrick Mahomes’ message to Sporting KC can have you pumped

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Patrick Mahomes knows what it takes to bring a title to Kansas City and now he hopes Sporting KC will be able to do the same.

When it was announced last month that Patrick Mahomes would become a partner in Sporting KC, MLS fans across the country went mad. Mahomes means so much to Kansas City for helping the Chiefs win the Super Bowl two seasons ago.

Now, not only is Mahomes ready to get the job done again this winter, but he has high hopes for his new favorite football team. In a video message to fans, Mahomes said he was ready for Sporting KC to push for an MLS Cup.

Athletic KC fans will love the message Patrick Mahomes had for them

That just has to cheer the fans on. Mahomes has incredible ambitions, and that’s not just limited to his work with the Kansas City Chiefs. He is ready to help Sporting KC in any way he can. The team is in the middle of a fantastic year as they are currently in second place in the Western Conference ranking with 30 points.

Later that year, KC expects to push the Seattle Sounders into the finals for a possible trip. Should these two teams meet in the playoffs, it would be a hell of a fight. For Mahomes, he’s ready to see Sporting KC take a deep run and try to bring more glory to the city. It should be a fun ride for the rest of the season.


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