Pat McCormack held to Olympic silver medal by sensible Cuban Roniel Iglesias

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Pat McCormack took silver as the British boxing team recorded their biggest medal win since 1920

CUBA’S Roniel Iglesias took his performance to another level in order to last Pat McCormack to an Olympic silver medal in the final of the welterweight competition at the Kokugikan Arena in Tokyo on Tuesday (August 3).

At the beginning of the first round, they tried to establish their jabs. But Iglesias, a sharp southpaw, used his hand speed and landed a fast cross. He rushed into the fight, hit the corpse, and shot again with a quick blow. McCormack snapped his left hook but had to increase his performance for the second round. In this round, however, Iglesias made the breakthrough. A roaring left hook hit McCormack’s chin. He lost his footing and fell on the canvas, only for the referee to consider it a slip. Iglesias used this advantage for the rest of the round. McCormack opened his attacks at the last moment, knowing he had to win big. His jab hit and he pounded Iglesias with a right hook. He hit the Cuban again with the right club, but Iglesias absorbed him and provided the final momentum. A clean jab hit Pat, then a firm left flank landed flush, which McCormack shook as he stepped back. Iglesias won unanimously and McCormack is a silver medalist in those Olympics.

Galal Yafai worked so hard to conquer Cuba Yosbany Veitia in the 52 kg quarter-finals. Veitia, both southpaws, looked good when he could move around and pick out shots. So Yafai refused him air to breathe. It stayed tight in the pocket and reeled off a stream of constant blows, breaking through to overwhelm and overwhelm the talented Cuban. The Briton held out until the end of the last lap and made a split decision. He has earned an Olympic medal that guarantees him at least bronze and GB a total of six boxing medals, the greatest record in the Olympic boxing tournament since 1920.

“When I was beaten by a Cuban in the last Olympics, I said I had to take revenge. I hit him [Veitia] 2019 at the World Cup, I think he wanted a bit of revenge. But he couldn’t get it tonight, ”said Yafai. “I knew I could hit him like I’ve hit him before, and I’ve shown people that they said I was going to lose to him.”

“It feels great to get a medal, now the sixth for the UK. I was in the room with Frazer [Clarke] and ben [Whittaker] and Ben is in the final and Frazer got a bronze medal so I didn’t want to go home with nothing. I had to make sure I got a medal, ”he added.

GB 60kg Caroline Dubois almost winning an Olympic medal at the age of just 20. But of Thailand Sudaporn lake water clever tactics used. The two southpaws initially stood apart behind their jabs, but as the fight progressed the Thai managed to shake off Caroline’s right hook and shot through her own clean left hook. She remained composed on the final lap, her patience and accuracy made all the difference as she mastered the tactical battle for a split-decision win.

“I’m so happy with the result because that’s my dream,” said Seesondee afterwards. “This medal can change my life.”

Ireland Kelly Harrington guaranteed an Olympic medal when she reached the semi-finals in the lightweight. Harrington overcame an enormous one Imane Khelif, moved under the long shots of Algeria to pop through their combinations. Harrington’s footwork helped her fend off Khelif’s attacks and score a unanimous victory. “I just feel emotions. I am very relieved and happy, “said Harrington. “Happy for the coaches here who have done the work with my club coach at home, happy for my friends and family in Ireland, just happy that I can give the people back home something to celebrate.”

It was a good morning for America. Duke Ragan booked a spot in the 57kg final as he was Ghana’s Samuel Takyi about a split decision. Keyshawn Davis is an Olympic medal after strong finishing against. guaranteed Gabil Mamedov, shook him on the final lap when he gave the Russian a standing counter and won a split decision.

Japanese featherweight Sena Irie referred unanimously to the Philippines Nesthy Petecio in their finals. The British Karriss Artingstall won her bronze medal at the award ceremony. She will now focus on the next Olympic Games. Artingstall said, “I’m going to Paris. I want to become a pro at some point, but I’m just not ready for the pro game at the moment. As an amateur, I want to tick all the boxes. I have a world medal, a European medal, now an Olympic medal. I need a Commonwealth medal and a European Games medal and then I’ll get into the professional scene. “