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Panel: Was the referee proper to disqualify Mourad Aliev in opposition to Frazer Clarke?

Mourad Aliev’s outbreak when he was disqualified against Frazer Clarke became a topic of conversation in the Olympic super heavyweight division

Paul Edwards
Amateur trainer

The referee was 100 percent right. I hate that. If you head butt while boxing you should be disqualified immediately, we’re doing it right. You throw in your head as soon as the referee sees you should be disqualified immediately. It wasn’t for me.

Lisa Whiteside
Commonwealth Games Champion

The disqualification seemed a bit tough and Frazer wouldn’t have wanted the win. But after deducting the points for the warning, I think Frazer would still have won on points. Hopefully he can go all the way with the other remaining members of a great UK boxing team.

Thomas Stalker
London 2012 GB Champion

Yes, the referee was right to disqualify Mourad Aliev. His head went in too hard and Frazer deserved a medal rightly. I’m happy for him.

Chris McKenna
Sports reporter

I found it incredibly tough to be honest. I think the point would have been enough and firmly swing the fight in Clarke’s favor. The GB boxer was already starting to take control anyway. If the Frenchman continues to use his head, he will be disqualified at the next warning. I think Clarke would have won either way.

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