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Panel: Was Kenny Porter right to stop Shawn Porter when he did?

Was Shawn Porter’s father and coach right to pull him out when he was doing it?

Tony Jeffries
Olympic medalist

Yes sir. For me it wasn’t about the punishment Shawn had received up to that point, but about the damage that was to come. Kenny Porter knows his son better than anyone, and Crawford is one of the most vicious finishers in boxing.

Joe Gallagher
Top trainer

We saw the decline, Shawn knew where he was, he hit the screen, got up, was ready to move on. The father came and stopped it. I think Shawn could have continued. His father apparently knows best and he wasn’t ready to stand there and possibly let Crawford end the show in a spectacular way.

Micky Helliet
Boxing manager

It was clear that Shawn Porter could definitely have continued, but the reality was that he was completely exhausted. He was saved from unnecessary punishment.

Andy Scott
Box transmitter

It was a shock that he got up on his apron and waved the towel in the process. But I had no problem with that, he’s his coach, especially his father, and he knew what was going on behind the scenes. You don’t have to watch someone like Porter get cold. It would only go one way.

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