Orange Part AD3 is an adaptive 3-wheeler eMTB with a leaning linkage

Orange Phase AD3 is an adaptive 3-wheeler eMTB with a leaning linkage
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orange phase ad3 adaptive emtb lorraine truong

The Orange Phase AD3 is about to win the internet. Alex Desmond of the Orange Bikes Strange Prototype Division has spent almost six years developing this adaptive eMTB specifically for ex-EWS racer Lorraine Truong. In 2015, Lorraine sustained a Traumatic Brain Injury that changed her life forever, leaving her unable to ride traditional bicycles as we know them. The Orange Phase AD3 hasn’t changed everything for Lorraine but, as you can see from the video, she sure can shred again.

Orange Phase AD3

alex desmond designer of orange phase ad3 leaning linkage lorraine truong

The front end linkage of Lorraine’s bike can overcome obstacles up to 175mm tall – add that to the 170mm travel fork and you have 345mm clearance for one wheel

Key to the cornering capabilities of the Orange Phase AD3 is the leaning linkage that separates out the leaning balance and the steering. This allows the two front wheels to move independently of one another in the vertical plane, whilst being fixed to one another in the steering plane. This allows Lorraine to lean the bike when cornering through berms and flat turns to lean angles of up to 40°.

“It just feels like riding, plus the bike’s working so well. On the downhill, it feels just like being on a downhill bike, it just eats everything and is so smooth” – Lorraine Truong.

orange phase ad3 leaning linkage rideworks bearings

The linkage is designed so that it can be fitted to most modern mountain bike frames without changing the geometry of the bike

The Orange Phase AD3 is adapted from the single-pivot full suspension Phase e-MTB chassis, with 160mm of rear wheel travel on a mullet setup; the two front wheels are 29″ while the single rear wheel is a 27.5″. The Phase AD3 then introduces a pair of cantilever linkage arms to join two additional head tubes. There’s then a second steering linkage element connecting two suspension forks to the original steering head tube. The bearing arrangement is made by RideWorks.

“Launched in time with the 2021 Paralympics, the Phase AD3 celebrates riders of different abilities and is a project that we’re incredibly proud to put the Orange name to” – Orange Bikes.

orange phase ad3 paradox ebike motor

The bike is powered by a Paradox eBike motor which can be set up with a throttle or conventional pedal-assist as required

Lorraine sits in a bucket seat which gives her core stability, allowing her to balance the bike with her upper body. The bike is, clearly, amazingly capable in technical terrain. Orange say riders are able to learn to ride it quite quickly and that it is straightforward to use for people with a wide range of abilities. Importantly, it is able to balance upright when stationary, is incredibly stable at slow speeds and, depending on the rider, can be mounted without assistance. The bike is also hugely customisable to meet a rider’s needs, with options to increase or decrease the amount of stability and assistance it offers.

You can learn more about the development of the Orange Phase AD3 here.