NHL Information: NHL, NHLPA Give an Replace on the Season and the Olympics

The NHL and NHLPA issue a statement

NHLPA: The NHL and NHLPA issued a joint statement after consulting medical experts. Part of the statement is highlighted below.

“I) We will continue to play the regular 2021-22 season schedule. Although the number of positive COVID test results among players, coaches and hockey staff has increased recently, there have been few positive cases that have resulted in worrying symptoms or serious illness. Because of this, the NHLPA and NHL medical experts have determined that the need to temporarily close individual teams should continue to be on a case-by-case basis, as virtually all of the club’s players and hockey staff are fully vaccinated.

ii) Due to concerns about cross-border travel and given the fluid nature of state travel restrictions, from Monday all games where a Canadian team plays a US team from Monday December 20th through the holidays break on December 23rd, will be postponed and rescheduled.

iii) Given the disruption of the NHL’s regular season schedule by the recent COVID-related events, 27 games have been postponed through Saturday and at least 12 more will be postponed through December 23, and the ongoing uncertainty due to the ongoing COVID pandemic has the NHL and NHLPA actively discussing the Ask about the participation of NHL players in the 2022 Olympic Winter Games in Beijing, China, and expect to be able to announce a final decision in the coming days. “

The exit from the Olympics seems inevitable

Pierre LeBrun: Got a feeling that NHL players aren’t going to the Olympics even though nothing has been made official yet. Hard to see with all the games that have now been postponed.

Elliotte Friedman: The feeling that the NHL and NHLPA will agree not to go to the Olympics.

Canada out of the Spengler Cup

Michael Farber: Team Canada will not go to the Spengler Cup because it has withdrawn.

Only test symptomatically?

Mark mask: The NFL and NFLPA are considering adding protocols that will only test vaccinated players if sources indicate that they show symptoms. Unvaccinated players would be tested daily.

Greg Wyshynski: I would expect some NHL players to think the same thing, “just test the symptoms”. Might see the gossip increase.

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