New Zipp 454 NSW goes all out, 404 Firecrest wheels get quicker, sharper and a LOT lighter

New Zipp 454 NSW goes all out, 404 Firecrest wheels get faster, sharper and a LOT lighter

The all-new Zipp 404 Firecrest and 454 NSW wheels take every thing they realized from making the 303/353-series lighter, wider, and extra snug and have utilized that their deeper highway wheels.

The place the new 303 introduced in 2020 added a whole lot of width to it’s bulbously spherical form, the 404 takes a barely completely different strategy. It nonetheless will get quite a bit wider, however it strikes again towards a extra pointed form. Zipp says now that tires are wider, and issues are hookless, these tubeless tires’ form and interface with the edges created a distinct aero profile that benefitted from the edges’ main/trailing edges having only a bit sharper level.

The 454 NSW is the highest of the road, however it’s simpler to see the way it will get on prime by wanting on the 404 Firecrest first…

New Zipp 404 Firecrest Highway Race Wheels

rider on the new zipp 404 firecrest tubeless road racing wheels

From the Approach Again Machine, the Zipp 400 was their first structural carbon rim. It was a tubular, however it set the stage for wheels to come back. That was 1990, and in 1998 got here their semi-toroidal rim form, the primary alloy-and-carbon rim clincher, and (they are saying) one of the crucial sturdy carbon clinchers with a rim brake floor. All are the 400/404 sequence. Which is why, together with the 303 wheels, they’ve been a little bit of a benchmark in opposition to others.

Now, the 404 Firecrest is a complete new beast. They’re 370g lighter (1,450g, down from 1,820g earlier than), thanks primarily to the change to a straight-side, tubeless-ready hookless bead wall. That change has quite a bit to do with the worth, drop, too. They’re now simply $1,900 for the pair, down from $2,500.

2022 zipp 404 firecrest tubeless ready disc brake road bike wheels

It’s nonetheless a 58mm deep rim, however now has a 23mm inside rim width (up from 19mm), and are disc-brake solely.

You’ll discover there’s a whole lot of that borrowed from the brand new 303 Firecrest and extra recently introduced 353 NSW wheels. Even the “Complete System Effectivity” idea, whereby the aerodynamics are mixed with vibration-absorbing layups and wider tires to boost journey high quality and make you quicker total. Zipp says the brand new 404s save 4 watts over the prior mannequin, all else being equal.

2022 zipp 404 firecrest tubeless ready disc brake road bike wheels angle view

However there are a few key variations between these and the 303 sequence. First, the brand new 404s are optimized round a 25mm huge tire…the 303’s minimal beneficial tire width is 28mm.

And that’s as a result of these lean into the Highway Race class. Zipp advised us they count on the brand new 404 (and 454 NSW, under) to change into the go-to all-around race wheels for many riders, the place earlier than that was the 303s spot and 404s have been geared toward endurance riders.

The opposite large distinction? The place the 303s are gravel-ready, the 404 Firecrest strongly prefers the paved highway.

2022 zipp 404 firecrest tubeless ready disc brake road bike wheels closeup rim detail

404 Firecrest Specs & Particulars

  • 23mm inside width, optimized for 25mm tires
  • 58mm depth
  • 12mm through axle finish caps commonplace
  • Centerlock Rotor Mounts
  • ZR1 DB Hub (66 factors of engagement)
  • 1450g (w/o tape or valve stem, XDR physique – 660g entrance, 790g rear)
  • ABLC Sawtooth Dimple Patterns
  • MSRP $1,900 ($925 entrance, $975 rear)

All-new Zipp 454 NSW Tubeless Disc Brake Wheels

rider on the new zipp 454 NSW tubeless road racing wheels

The brand new 454 NSW are additionally a lot lighter than their predecessor. The whole wheelset (with out tape or valve stems, with XDR physique, weighs in at a claimed 1358g, down from 1815g. That’s a large 457g financial savings, and most of it’s from the edges, so they need to really feel manner quicker.

However right here’s the place their TSE concept will get attention-grabbing. As with the 303s, they’re not sharing “traditional wind tunnel knowledge” anymore. They nonetheless use a wind tunnel to allow them to see how a wheel acts, however their “Complete System Effectivity” targets are about extra than simply aerodynamics. As a result of, they are saying, optimizing solely round aerodynamics can really make you slower.

zipp 454 NSW and 404 Firecrest wattage savings comparison chart

This graph reveals the watts required to journey alongside at 40km/h (~25mph). Technically, or aerodynamically, the brand new wheels are literally 0.9W (404) and ~4W (454) slower than the prior fashions. Which is sort of negligible. However, as a system, Zipp says the brand new wheels roll quite a bit quicker, saving 4.4W and 13.6W respectively.

2022 zipp 454 NSW tubeless disc brake road bike wheels

So, they’re nonetheless fairly aero, however extra importantly, they take much less vitality to go quick. Put one other manner, you possibly can go quicker with a given quantity of energy output. That’s because of the brand new carbon layup and rim shapes.

The rim’s laminate is optimized not only for weight, which is why these are a lot lighter, however they’re additionally higher in a position to damp vibration higher. And that’s why they’re extra environment friendly and roll quicker in actual world situations.

rider on the new zipp 454 NSW tubeless road racing wheels

What concerning the tires? How a lot does tire choice matter on these numbers? Zipp says most likely not a lot, however they’ve (to date) solely examined with their very own tires.

For each units of wheels, tires have been 25mm huge, arrange tubeless, however the tire strain was dramatically completely different. On the previous wheels, they ran 77psi (entrance) and 82psi (rear). However with the broader, hookless rims on the brand new wheels, they might drop that to 65psi (entrance) and 69psi (rear).

New Tire Strain & Width Suggestions

zipp tire width and air pressure recommendations chart

With these new wheels, in addition they revised their rider weight to air strain chart and really discovered that there’s a clearly identifiable level the place a rider is best served by going as much as a 28mm tire.

That’s to not say {that a} lighter-weight rider is unquestionably going to be quicker with a 25mm tire -they admit there’s some inconsistent knowledge to date for 28mm tires and energy output- however this desk represents the most effective knowledge they’ve proper now. And you need to use their free AXS smartphone app to get this knowledge readily available when you’re pumping up your tires.

454 NSW Specs & Particulars

2022 zipp 454 NSW tubeless disc brake road bike wheels closeup detail of dimples

The sawtooth profile undulates between 53mm and 58mm deep, which Zipp says improves crosswind efficiency. Aside from that, the important thing variations between these and the 404 are the upgraded Cognition Hubs and a distinct dimple and groove sample to additional optimize aerodynamics.

The layup on these is way more concerned to get that shaping, however the concept is similar…scale back vibrations and easy out the journey. Because of the hubs and their direct-printing of all logos (somewhat than decals), these really are available in lighter than the 404 Firecrest wheels.

2022 zipp 454 NSW tubeless disc brake road bike wheels angle view

  • 23mm inside width, optimized for 25mm tires
  • 53mm/58mm depth
  • 12mm through axle finish caps commonplace
  • Centerlock Rotor Mounts
  • Cognition V2 Hubs w/ Axial Clutch V2 engagement system
  • 1358g (w/o tape or valve stem, XDR physique – 631g entrance, 727g rear)
  • Sawtooth w/ Hyperfoil nodes and HexFin ABLC Dimple patterns
  • MSRP $4,000 ($1,800 entrance, $2,200 rear)

454 NSW Tubular

2022 zipp 454 NSW tubular disc brake road bike wheels

If these are poised to change into Zipp’s go-to race wheel, then they want a tubular, proper? The brand new 454 NSW Tubular is a disc brake wheelset that makes use of the up to date rim shapes and Cognition V2 hubs.

But when it says something about how far carbon fiber rims have come and the advantages of a hookless rim profile, these are barely heavier than the tubeless model at 1,463g (683g F / 780g R). MSRP is similar $4,000 because the tubeless-ready wheels.

858 NSW Tubeless Disc Brake

2022 zipp 858 NSW tubeless disc brake road bike wheels

The deeper Zipp 858 NSW wheels carry over with the identical 18mm inside width, tubeless-ready rims as earlier than, however get a disc brake possibility with the brand new Cognition DB V2 hubs. Retail is $4,400 for the set ($2,000 entrance / $2,400 rear). Weight is a really respectable 1773g (838g F / 935g R).

The entire wheels include a Lifetime Guarantee. Obtainable now. Keep tuned for precise weights and first journey assessment of the brand new 404 Firecrest wheels…

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