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Murray Powers By means of To Third Spherical

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In a highly anticipated game at the stadium 2, the second largest arena at Indian Wells Tennis Garden, wild card and former number 1 in the world. 1 Andy Murray, dude 34, of Great Britain, defeated world No. 38 Carlos Alcaraz, dude 18th, from Spain, with a score of 5-7, 6th-3, 6th-2 in three hours and three minutes.

Alcaraz, who has a fluid game of strength and feeling, is considered by many to be the No. 1. The Spaniard makes his debut at the tournament. He is at a career high and is the youngest player in the top 100 ATP Leaderboards.

Murray does his 13Appearance in Indian Wells for the first time since 2016 that he has reached the third round.

The match was exciting to watch, with many long, spectacular rallies and a lot of variety in shooting.

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There were also the usual Murray antics yelling at himself, yelling at his box. At one point, Murray was distracted from security by a walkie-talkie that was actually loud, and

The arbitrator requested the rejection.

And there was even a new farce that turned out to be a brilliant trick.

With Alcaraz standing back enough to receive a serve, Murray hit a forearm serve for an ace.

In his post-game press conference, Murray stated, “No, I mean, I’ve never done this on tour. The dishes are so slow. You see, since Wimbledon I’ve obviously made some improvements to my serve and got a lot of free points by serving a lot of aces in the games I’ve played recently. And, yes, obviously played three hours today. I served three aces in a long match, one of which was the forearm serve.

If you look at where he stood at the start of the game to return first service, he changed that at the end of the first set. He started returning from further back, so it was even more difficult to get free points on serve.

I thought if he’s so far back and I don’t get any love from the place and the conditions, why don’t you give it a try and see if I can bring him up a bit again. Obviously didn’t expect to get an ace.

Yes, he was so far back, he obviously didn’t react. Didn’t expect it. Yeah, I’ve thought about using it in the third sentence sometimes, but obviously in the score, it went a little better, I didn’t feel like I had to.

Yes, of course, if the boys are there to return the serve, it’s a smart game. “

Murray said his win was very encouraging. “Yeah, I mean, obviously I’m happy. It was a bit like that US Open, like my body was fine today. As I said, the conditions were tough. It was very hot. Due to the nature of the course here, you will be playing some long rallies, especially against a player like him.

Yes, sometimes I played really good tennis. It wasn’t my best game. I can certainly do a lot better. I thought I drove well today, which was probably the best thing for me. “

Next up is number 1 in the world for Murray. 4th Alexander Zverev from Germany.

Murray said: “Yeah, looking forward to the next game, Zverev is obviously a top player. He had a good summer after Wimbledon with the Olympics, then a great run in New York. Played a tough match with Novak there. Yeah, it won’t be easy for me. I’ve played some good games against him in the past. Yes, I have to play really well. “

Murray has a track record against Zverev.

Murray said, “I mean, obviously the game we played last year without saying he was playing his best tennis at the time, but he made it to the final.” US Open a couple of weeks later. I didn’t feel particularly good physically and didn’t play particularly well, but I managed to win. From that perspective, I can gain confidence that if I play a really good game, I’ll be right there with a shot.

He will certainly go as an overwhelming winner here. But when I play a high-level match, I’m in right away. “


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