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Minnesota Vikings coach Mike Zimmer vents on workforce’s vaccination state of affairs, expects gamers to overlook video games throughout season

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EAGAN, Minnesota – When the Minnesota Vikings started their second week of training camp with three out of four quarterbacks due to a COVID-19 hiatus, coach Mike Zimmer doubled his frustrations over unvaccinated players and the likelihood that his team’s situation could face in the regular Season become a reality.

“I just have a feeling the guys are going to miss games,” said Zimmer. “There are so many cases going on right now. We’re going to miss some games and we have to be prepared for them.”

The Vikings put quarterbacks Kirk Cousins, Kellen Mond and Nate Stanley on the COVID-19 reserve list on Sunday, the day after Jake Browning was the only available QB for Saturday night practice in Minnesota. Minnesota rookie recipient Myron Mitchell was also put on the COVID-19 reserve list on Monday.

Moon returned a positive test for COVID-19 early Saturday. As a result, Cousins ​​and Stanley, who are considered high-risk close ties because they are unvaccinated according to a league source, will have to isolate themselves for five days before they can be removed from the reserve list and returned to training.

Zimmer hasn’t covered his frustration with his players and “anyone” who hasn’t received the COVID-19 vaccine. “Going through all the things you had to do last year with masks, logs, travel, can’t go for a day, can’t go out and see your family and all those things – can’t go on to dinner on the street, on the plane Having to wear masks, all that stuff. It was just difficult, “said Zimmer. “I just do not understand. I just don’t get it, I think we could put this thing to bed if we all do this.

The Vikings coach said he had spoken to his team again about his stance on vaccinations and the negative consequences of not vaccinating after the disorder on Saturday.

“I’ve talked to the team and, like I said, there are some people who are just against it,” said Zimmer. “I won’t be able to change your mind so it’s like half the country I guess.”

Zimmer said the Vikings are considering a plan where they would quarantine a quarterback from the rest of the position space during the season in case another COVID-19 disruption occurs during a game week. However, that would depend on how many quarterbacks the Vikings vaccinated. Browning is the only one at the moment.

The reality that the situation the Vikings are currently grappling with could recur during a game week made Zimmer ponder the question: How would he react if the Vikings lost a game because of their starting quarterback or a star player was not available due to COVID-19 protocols? ?

“I probably won’t be happy that we lost the game first and I probably won’t be happy that we could have prevented it,” said the Vikings coach. “Like I said, these guys just won’t do it. I shouldn’t say it, but some of the things you read are just out there. “

“It’s your belief, well. I don’t know if it’s misinformation. It’s your belief, whatever you’ve heard, read or been told. Not by – maybe you don’t believe what (NFL Chief Medical Officer) Dr . (Allen) Sills and the NFL tell them too, so. “

The Vikings signed quarterback Case Cookus after a practice session Monday and he later joined Browning in practice. Minnesota also requested QB Danny Etling of waivers.

Browning, who spent the last two years on the Minnesota training team after a four-year career as a starter in Washington (his 39 wins are the most by any quarterback in Pac-12 history), increased his chances of becoming the Vikings in the race ‘ No. 2 quarterback with a strong performance in the Vikings fourth training session. Zimmer said Browning told him not to cut reps even though he was the only quarterback available on Saturday night.

“I think, for someone in my situation, as an undrafted guy who’s been on the training team, those reps are really valuable,” Browning said. “I didn’t want anyone to think that I didn’t want to do every single one of these reps, and I didn’t want to be in a situation where they cut the workout and take away valuable reps from others, including myself.” . I just thought, with the situation as it is, I wanted to get as many reps out of it as possible. If you’re a backup quarterback, those reps are really valuable, so I wanted to do each one. “


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