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Midnight Mania! Michael Bisping trashes ‘not man sufficient’ Manny Pacquiao for making excuses in defeat

Welcome to midnight mania!

Manny Pacquiao is a pretty universally respected figure. Pacquiao fought from the depths of poverty to superstars and many championship wins and has shown himself admirably in the ring for many years. Hell, he could be president of the Philippines one day!

Pacquiao doesn’t take his recent defeat to Yordenis Ugas with grace. Speak with The athlete, described Pacquiao Ugas as “one of the easiest opponents” of his career and blamed his legs for the loss.

Always one to offer his two cents, former UFC champ Michael Bisping took to Twitter to confront the boxing legend for his comment. The Count argues that accepting defeat is the only way to move forward, as is the masculine way.

“How about when fighters lose, they face, let’s say fair play, the better one has won.” Bisping tweeted. “Today it seems that some are men enough to fight, but not man enough to accept the result. Accept, evaluate, improve, do better. Denial is never the way forward. “

If this is the end of Pacquiao’s professional boxing career, the 42-year-old will leave the ring with a professional record of 62-8-2 and a dozen gold titles hang in his closet. Bisping retired in November 2017 and is currently a member of the UFC commentary team.

The return of shameless self-promotion

Hi everyone, I’ve booked a fight again. This time we’re going back to Florida to compete for CFFC, one of the best regional shows in the country.

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And for those who aren’t interested in my fighting career and the e-begging that comes with it, all upcoming Midnight Manias will have the same content as usual. Just skip this section every night and it’s like nothing happened!



I want to confirm that this drill bit is absolutely miserable. Usually this is done in a group of three, with the person shooting takedowns every 60 seconds or so rotating for a few revolutions. I can’t imagine 25 minutes!

Being able to laugh at yourself is essential in a fighting game where bad things will eventually happen.

I’m not a zoomer, but TikTok and its young makers objectively offer the best social media content.

Jake Paul keeps his promise that her boxing match will be the greatest of Tyron Woodley’s career.

Billy Quarantillo vs. Andre Fili sounds like a fat featherweight junk.

All the best to longtime MMA vet (those who haven’t seen his fights with Justin Gaethje are missing out) and bare knuckle champion Luis Palomino grappling with a nasty bout of COVID-19.

Slips, tears and knockout clips

Tired and rocked along the fence is just a bad place.

Left hook to the temple!

A masterly technique is shown here.

Random country

A cool perspective on the plant harvest:

Midnight Music: Okay, last album that came out last Friday! The great Sturgill Simpson returned with another album, The ballad of Dood and Juanita. A blue grassy concept album across the Kentucky border, the album features Willie Nelson!

Sleep well maniacs! More martial arts madness is always on the way.


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