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Midnight Mania! Fence-sitting Joe Rogan talks fighter pay controversy, ‘I see everybody’s level’

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Welcome to midnight mania!

The pay of the fighters is maybe the Hot button issue in the UFC right now. For those interested in the numbers, a major focus is on UFC revenue sharing (spoilers: UFC pays their athletes a significantly lower percentage than most other major sports) as well as several ongoing lawsuits, one of which claims fighters 1, 6 billion US dollars are owed for additional payments.

The topic was brought back to the fore of UFC fan awareness when Cheyanne Buys scored a high-kick knockout at the UFC Vegas 33 event last weekend (HIGHLIGHTS!). Not long after that, Buys was awarded a “Performance Of The Night” bonus, which led her to cry over the “life changing” bonus and previous struggles over being a broke fighter.

Heartwarming moment or athlete exploitation? UFC color commentator Joe Rogan made a recent podcast, doing his best not to make too bold statements one way or another.

“She cried and all these people went online and complained about the UFC,” Rogan said (via MiddleEasy). “I understand every point of view. I see their point of view and I also see the UFC’s point of view. Many do not yet know who she is. You know better who she is now. But the whole thing about sport is how many people will watch you fight. How exciting are you How entertaining are you How committed are you Your personality and you put asses in seats.

“Now it’s clear who’s putting the asses on and these are the people who are getting the most money. It’s a complicated thing for people because they think that the best fighter should make the most money. And you go, yeah, but the best fighter doesn’t get the most asses in and that’s what this game is about. It’s a strange sport. It’s price war, but also entertainment. “

In the event anyone expected Rogan to usefully cite responsibility for UFC athletes, it is probably time to give up on those dreams.


Play muay thai sparring!

Combate Global pulls some pretty solid numbers!

Another Khabib quote from the Mike Tyson podcast, a showcase of absolute ferocity this time!

While I was on the subject, I promised in the midnight mania last night that I would investigate Conor McGregor’s tweet-and-delete response to Nurmagomedov’s diss. True to shape, here it is!

One of the most brutal ways to suffer a needle:

Some of the best moments on Derrick Lewis’ microphone!

Slips, tears and knockout clips

Vicente Luque’s highlight role is insane.

Strangely enough, the clean rear elbow, while it was stuck in the crucifix, proved to be a crucial moment in the scramble that followed, and thus in the fight.

Hell, that’s a nice headbutt while weighted down with metal.

Random country

A pretty intense drop-in that’s worth building up:

Midnight Music: I’ll talk about Kanye’s album when it’s fully released and I can listen to it on a regular streaming service. Until then …

Sleep well maniacs! More martial arts madness is always on the way.


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