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Midnight Mania! Dana White praying Vitor Belfort viciously knocks out ‘crackhead’ Oscar De La Hoya

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Welcome to midnight mania!

UFC President Dana White and boxing legend Oscar De La Hoya disagree. Since De La Hoya tried to organize a boycott of Floyd Mayweather against Conor McGregor, White and “The Golden Boy” have been in a seemingly endless battle of words. Most recently, White de la Hoya outraged by blocking his would-be super fight against Georges St. Pierre.

Instead, De La Hoya will compete with another former UFC champion, Brazilian co-artist Vitor Belfort. To nobody’s surprise, White is actively hoping for a terrible outcome for his co-promoter.

“I pray Vitor will take this crackhead off – viciously,” White said on “The Pat McAfee Show (via MMAJunkie). “Knocks him out viciously.”

White’s prayer is more of a hope than a prediction. Despite his personal feud with De La Hoya, White is well aware of his boxing talents, although they may have been marred by years of alleged drug and alcohol abuse.

As much as I hate that bastard, De La Hoya is real, ”said White. “Back when De La Hoya and I were still cool, I was actually in his camp. His jab alone could blow people away. De La Hoya in its heyday was the real deal. This is a real fight between two real guys. I think Vitor obviously has the power to knock him out, but De La Hoya is no joke either. Hopefully all that coke sniffing and tequila drinking and whatever that other shit was up to caught up with him, and Vitor put one right on his big mouth and knocked him out. “

De La Hoya and Belfort will meet for their professional boxing match on Saturday, September 11, 2021 at the Staples Center in Los Angeles, California.


Here are the UFC vs. Bellator audience numbers from last weekend. Obviously, UFC’s objectively worse event got a lot more attention, but is it worth wondering how much Showtime’s inaccessibility affects those numbers?

An origin story by Derrick Lewis:

Speaking of “The Black Beast,” I wonder what his Instagram looks like in the week of his UFC title fight.

Eventually the tree wins one!

This matchup makes sense, but does the light heavyweight division have enough competitors to sacrifice one of them at the same time? Not really.

Street judo! It can’t feel nice to be ippon’d on the sidewalk.

Slips, tears and knockout clips

Zhumabekov stayed bent forward in his posture a little too long.

Why throw something other than the left kick, the high kick?

A fight you have to see to be believed … Why does the referee just let this guy eat some extra shots for no reason, is the highlight?

Random country

Problem: people who lose their minds on airplanes. Solution: duct tape.

Midnight Music: I like older radioheads more than their previous albums, but the playlist I listened to had a nice mix of both!

Sleep well maniacs! More martial arts madness is always on the way.


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