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Michael Conlan, TJ Doheny Commerce Phrases at Closing Press Convention

The minds flared up between Michael Conlan and TJ Doheny when they had a heated back and forth during their last press conference.

The event will take place on Friday at Falls Park in Belfast as part of the Feile an Phobail Festival and will be broadcast live on ESPN + in the US and on Fite TV for the rest of the world.

The press conference was on Tuesday and it became tense between Conlan and Doheny as they sat in front of the media.

Doheny said, “The fight was arranged before I even started camp to do 10 rounds of super bantamweight. He’s going from 126 pounds to 122 pounds and can’t even take the weight.

“I come here as an away fighter and everyone keeps mentioning that, but the best performances of my career seem to be when I’m the away fighter. You can tell from the postponements I’ve made.

“I won the world title in Japan and then I fought Roman and a lot of people thought I won that fight. Roman won’t be impressed by the crowd on Friday and I look forward to fighting in front of Belfast.

“They are the most passionate fans in the world and I would love to have such a city behind me. I’m a bit of a street warrior and I always disturb the chances. “

Conlan said, “Stop bottling it. Will you go away No, so the fight takes place. I’ll cut your ears off on Friday night.

“I am the better fighter and I will be victorious. No matter what he’s trying to bring, I’ll be the one to raise my hand on Friday night.

“Can’t wait to be back in Belfast. I don’t think there has been a better atmosphere in Ireland all year round than in 2019 when we fought here and this week is going to be special again.”


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