Michael Conlan is Keen To Shock Leigh Wooden on March 12 at Nottingham Enviornment

Olympian Michael Conlan is ready for his big moment.

The Irish star is keen to get into the ring for his mandatory bout against “regular” WBA featherweight champion Leigh Wood.

Conlan says his World Cup challenge has been scheduled for March 12th at Nottingham Arena.

“We’re going to the lion’s den: March 12th at Nottingham Arena,” Conlan told Irish News.

“Belfast didn’t like wood and [his trainer] Ben Davison didn’t like Belfast so we’re bringing Belfast to them. I like to go to their city and tear off their belts. “

Conlan isn’t worried about the title in hostile territory.

“I’d be a fool to worry. I don’t mind where it is because I will win, I know the decision in the ring will be the same – I will go victorious with my hand raised. If I have to, I cut off his head for 12 rounds – this is how the biscuit will crumble. I’m happy and ready to rock – I’m looking forward to it.

“I’ll probably have more people in the arena than Leigh Wood. Everyone loves a day away, it’s the third month of the year and I got to see a lot of people traveling by. I think you will have a great night.

Wood believes his power will make all the difference in combat.

He has 15 knockouts in 27 fights – with Conlan having 8 knockouts in 16.

In six of his last seven fights, Wood has stopped his opponents in the distance – including a knockout from Xu Can in July.

“The only thing he has more than me is his KO rate – he has a higher KO rate. He’s a bigger puncher, but that doesn’t mean I’m not a puncher. It’s nothing to bother me or worry about, I know I have a good chin and I know I have a lot more boxing skills and a better motor. I’m better than Leigh Wood at everything, he only has one thing – on paper – better than me, ”said Conlan.

“But everyone who said I wasn’t a puncher in the past changed their minds when I met them. I may not be the greatest puncher in the world, but I have enough strength to hit people and hurt them and keep them away from me. Nobody likes to stand in front of me, TJ [Doheny] didn’t do it either. At the press conference he said I couldn’t crack an egg, but I had him on screen. “

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