Michael Chiesa says Vicente Luque is most harmful matchup of his profession

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Michael Chiesa says Vicente Luque is the most dangerous match of his career

No. 5 welterweight Michael Chiesa is less than a week away from arguably the most important fight of his career.

At UFC 265, the “Maverick” against No. 6th place in welterweight Vicente Luque.

On former UFC middleweight champion Michael Bisping’s “Believe You Me” podcast, Chiesa said Luque was the toughest matchup he had in his career.

“I think Vicente Luque is without a doubt the most dangerous guy I’ve worked with so far,” Chiesa said on Bisping’s podcast. “This is a guy who has won nine of his last ten with eight placements. He’s rattling off those performance awards all the time. Really dangerous, he has good power in his hand, he is very disciplined in getting up. You don’t see that he’s making a lot of mistakes. “

Chiesa insisted that if he wants to end his fight against Luque victoriously on Saturday, he can’t go wrong.

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“I think this is the most dangerous guy I’ve met so far. I can’t make a single tactical mistake in this fight if I want to win, ”said Chiesa. “I have to be on point. I can’t go wrong because this is a guy who if you watch a movie about him, will have big fights against them until they make a little little mistake and then change the whole dynamic of the fight.

“He comes from a good camp. I know he trained a lot in Brazil, but he has long been an integral part of Stanford MMA. He’s a very tough guy, I think the world gets out of him. He’s a good competitor, he’s a family man, and he’s dangerous because he lacks better words. But I am very happy about the opportunity. “

With a win on Saturday, either Chiesa or Luque could be a bout away from a welterweight title bout.