Marlen Esparza Hopes To Unify With Naoko Fujioka in Subsequent Battle

AT&T Center, San Antonio, Texas – 2012 US Olympic bronze medalist and current WBC flyweight world champion, Marlen Esparza (11-1, 1 KOs) defended her world title for the first time in her home state against veteran former two-time world champion Anabel ” Avispa “Ortiz (31-5, 4 KOs) from Mexico City, Mexico. ‘

“My performance was good considering I just came back after contracting Covid-19,” said Esparza.

“I wanted to see what it felt like to come back and I can say that I am tired. We knew she was a counter boxer so we were prepared for that, but I can feel a little of the tiredness. Now it’s all over and I know how it feels to come back, I want all of the belts. I just want to unite Naoko Fujioka from Japan and this division. “

Avispa ‘turned out to be a difficult fight for Esparza as the 13-time World Championship defending champion brought her experience and technical skills to the table.

Esparza did not allow herself to be intimidated, however, as she pursued Ortiz and did not give in after Ortiz’s attacks. After an exciting battle between skilled warriors, the scorecards decided in favor of Esparza with scores of 100-88, 95-94, 99-90 to win the fight by unanimous decision.

“I think I had a great fight, the referee just didn’t favor me,” said Ortiz. “He counted two slips that obviously weren’t knockdowns, she pushed me. I’m very unhappy because they put someone in the ring who doesn’t know how to do their job, especially if it’s a championship match. It’s a disservice to sport. They took my victory away. ”

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