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Luke Willson retires 1 day after signing with Seattle Seahawks

Luke Willson has decided to retire after eight seasons in the NFL. A day at Seahawks training camp with Pete Carroll was apparently too much.

Willson decided to step down just a day after he was signed by the Seahawks as receiving depth at the narrow end position. In the end, he didn’t impress enough to make the list, and apparently looked enough to know that his best days are behind him.

“Football is really all I know,” said Willson. “That’s all I’ve done in the past two decades. I’ll be honest, I have no idea what’s next right now.

Seattle Seahawks: Luke Willson announces his retirement from football

The Seahawks did not announce a replacement for Willson.

In the Seahawks locker room on Tuesday, Carroll spoke ardently of Willson’s reputation.

“I think it’s really important, you know,” Carroll told the Seattle Times. “That is definitely important in our program. We’re trying to live on the high end of this thing. Keep the mind up, keep the energy high. The expectations are really high. It takes leadership and participation. Some people just have more juice than others. Luke has always been a big part of it for us and he’s just one of my favorites we’ve had in the program over the years. “

Unfortunately for Seattle, Willson has decided that his active days are behind him.


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