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lewlewsports: Chicago Blackhawks Coach on the Scorching Seat?

Sports network: Elliotte Friedman on the Jeff Marek Show at the Chicago Blackhawks really slow start to the season.

** NHLRumors.com transcription

** Before Stan Bowman resigned yesterday

“Chicago, I think the urgency is much greater. Quite simply, as you said, the expectations were very high this year. I didn’t know how good Chicago would be. I admit I was unsure, but I didn’t see that. I haven’t seen a lead in six games. And their ticket sales are also soft. They announced that night that their sell-off streak was over.

That’s it. I’m just sitting here looking at some of these places and I say, okay, you see how ticket sales are going. So you say, okay, what do we have to do to get them moving?

But also in Chicago, for example, Jeremy Colliton is under contract this year and next. Stan Bowman, I don’t know how long his contract is, but I wouldn’t be surprised if he were tied to the end of Colliton’s contract. That’s the end of next year. I wonder how eager the teams will be to pay people not to work when the teams are through a pandemic and a little hammered in terms of revenue.

So there is this big debate about what is more important is to show a change, to show that you want to change something, you realize that something has to be different, or is it, you say, look, that’s what we want not? are doing now because of the whole economic situation. I think in Chicago there was no way they thought they were going to have that conversation this early in the season. But you have to have it. There’s no way you can’t have it. “


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