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Kirk Cousins has a wild(ly silly) concept for stopping the unfold of COVID

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Minnesota Vikings quarterback and cosplay scientist Kirk Cousins ​​goes to great lengths to avoid the COVID-19 vaccine and still be allowed to play.

The only light shining on the Minnesota Vikings training camp is the start of a new season as it doesn’t come from the lightbulb in Kirk Cousins’ head.

Nothing, it seems, could actually be darker.

Cousins ​​remains one of many unvaccinated NFL players. His status severely hampered the development of his team in the off-season, forcing the Vikings to both start and boast Jake Browning as their main man at the center. Get used to it, Vikings fans, because there is a very real possibility that Browning will start playing really meaningful games in the coming season.

What’s the Kirk Cousins ​​meme?Yesdo you like that?‘.

When we talk about the COVID vaccine, cousins ​​certainly don’t like it.

ESPN Vikings reporter Kevin Seifert described the lengths Cousins ​​himself described that he would avoid getting the vaccine.

“Cousins ​​said he thought about surrounding himself with plexiglass in the QB room,” said Seifert reported. “He was asked why he would go this far when a vaccine was much more effective and efficient. He said the decision was personal and private. “

Despite the fact that he has already missed four trainings due to close high-risk contact, Cousins ​​- who is believed to be the smartest player on the field – told reporters that he is not getting the vaccine.

“He is” satisfied “with his vaccination decision and has pledged to be” vigilant “with protocols for unvaccinated players,” said Seifert tweeted. “No sign that he is reconsidering even though he missed four high-risk close contact exercises.”

Cousins ​​once slid three feet past the first-down marker in a four-down scramble, so his decision-making skills are about as reliable as he thinks a scientist-developed vaccine is. The Vikings continue with Cousins ​​as their starting quarterback, but it remains to be seen how far Minnesota gets into the season before league policy forces a change.


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