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Kevin Durant’s 66 Level-Efficiency at Rucker Park is Nonetheless Legendary

It’s been a decade since a lanky 22-year-old Kevin Durant stepped into Harlem’s Rucker Park and performed one of the greatest single feats the basketball world has ever seen on a tarmac.

The August night sky was a hazy black, and the nuances of the surrounding skyscrapers shimmered in view as KD stepped between the freshly painted white lines. KD showed up in a bright orange DC power uniform and stood under the bright neon lights as hundreds of fans moved closer and closer to the square to see him. It got to the point where a human perimeter was created as a baseline and a minor line out of bounds, a sign of a really engaged and emphatic crowd.

Amid an impending NBA ban, the reigning league champions broke out with 66 points in a 99-93 win over the Sean Bell All-Stars at the Entertainers Basketball Classic.

KD said GQ In 2017 he landed in Rucker Park after receiving a text from Randy “White Chocolate” Gill that said: You toast the jerker, Slim. You want to play? Wasting no time, he hopped on a flight from Oklahoma to New York to get dressed for DC Power. It was there that KD immediately noticed that the mood on 155th St. and Frederick Douglass Blvd. was different. in Harlem.

“I put on my shorts and my jersey and my shoes and I look up and it’s packed up to the gate. They play loud music, people in the skyscrapers across the street turn on the lights and open the windows. It was like something out of a movie. ”

While taking in the sights and sounds of one of the country’s most iconic dishes, Durant reportedly even asked someone to walk to a local soul food place and get him a plate of fried chicken, kale, and mac and cheese.

Then he went out and started the game strong, losing 23 points in the first half and another 15 points in the third. The future Hall of Famer took over the park completely in the fourth quarter, losing 28 points and scoring a goal five straight threesomes over doubles teams as if it were nothing.

Former Seton Hall Guardian Jeremy Hazell described the moment in real time. to the New York Post: “We tried to get the ball out of his hands quickly because we know he’s a great shooter. He shot right above us and dropped many shots. It’s just Kevin Durant. “

The energy in the park erupted after every perfect shot and when KD sank his fifth threesome, the park crowd went nuts and bombed him halfway through the square. His performance even earned him the nickname “I Am The Best”.

After the game, Durant tweeted: “No lie, I just had one of the best times of my life in Rucker Park..wow! I love NY … Harlem Waddup … “

And yet, it is these words from White Chocolate that sum up the legendary night perfectly.

“Some nights are very special. That will go down as one of those special nights. “


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