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Kemba Walker Shines on the Backyard: ‘I Was Ready For That Second’

From the minute Kemba Walker signed his two-year deal with the New York Knicks last off-season, the Big Apple has been waiting for the Bronx native’s breakout performance in the Garden.

Last night, MSG saw their newest security guard lose 19 points, 5 groschen and two steals while shooting 5 for 11 out of three.

After a slow start, the Knicks quickly outperformed Philly 39-16 in game two, with Kemba adding 10 points, including a pair of threes and one of his signature setbacks that made him a standout man during the 2011 Big at the Garden Eastern tournament.

Knicks fans broke hometown for the kid when the Knicks improved to 3-1 that season by defeating the Philadelphia 76ers, 112-99.

“I’ve been waiting for this moment. It was kind of a moment I dreamed about when I was a little kid who wanted to be in the NBA and watch the Knicks play. To come to a Knicks game and see the crowd go crazy, ”Walker said of his four straight shots in the second half SNY curtsey.

The win is not only Kemba’s first signature moment at The Garden, but also Knick’s first win over the 76ers since 2017. New York meets the Chicago Bulls on Thursday.


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