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Justin Gaethje leg kicks are so violent they really tore Dustin Poirier’s quad

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Constellations? Positioning? Nah, Justin Gaethje is just trying to hurt you.

So says Dustin Poirier, who is still talking about kicking after two easy fights against Conor McGregor. Their UFC 257 headliner featured calf kicks from “The Diamond” which helped hasten the demise of “Notorious”.

In her UFC 264 rematch, it was McGregor’s kicks that did the most damage.

Both ways.

“I’ve been checked by a lot of heavy kickers, but never before have I left fight week and been sore on my actual bones, the way my knee was sore,” said Poirier on American Top Team’s Punchin ‘in Podcast (transcribed by MMA Fighting). “Not my thigh or calf, my knee hurt.”

McGregor broke his leg in the final seconds of the first frame, resulting in a technical knockout loss and one of the most bizarre post-fight breakdowns in recent history.

“There was a kick where I turned my knee a little outward,” Poirier continued. “I didn’t have my weight like a traditional check and I knew it was bad for him. I knew someone was hurting a lot. I think it was on his foot, but you never know if that created torque on his shin and could have broken it. I don’t know, he kicked hard and many hit my knee. I traditionally couldn’t check the kicks, but I turned my knee outward and it was bone to bone and it was worse for him. “

Poirier escaped his McGregor rematch without injury; However, the same does not apply to his UFC win at FOX 29 against Gaethje, which was not without a price.

“He partially tore my quad,” said Poirier. “In combat, he doesn’t care about position, kicks as hard as possible just to land it, and doesn’t worry about the effects. No settings. “

His Gaethje win is part of an electric 8-1 (1 NC) streak that is expected to bring Poirier the next jump at UFC lightweight champion Charles Oliveira. As for “The Highlight,” he’ll be battling his action fighter Michael Chandler in November.


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