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Jordan Love ready to be Inexperienced Bay’s beginning quarterback however says it is ‘nice’ Aaron Rodgers returned

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GREEN BAY, Wisconsin – He’s not at the point where he gives long and insightful answers like Aaron Rodgers, and he’s not the type to stir up the room like Kurt Benkert, so what is Jordan Love when he’s in No. settles down? 2. Quarterback job with the Green Bay Packers now that the reigning NFL MVP has returned?

Nobody’s immediate future was more up in the air during Rodgers’ confrontation with the team than Love’s. But to hear his teammates talk and listen to him answer questions, love was – and still is – just calm and balanced.

“Of course there are either two options: Either he would come back or not,” Love said on Thursday in his first public comments since the training camp opened on July 28th about Rodgers. “So yeah, I mean, it’s obviously very great to have Aaron just on this team. Of course he’s a huge presence in the quarterback position and also in the locker room and then as the leader of the team so it’s great to have him back. “

The day after Rodgers said he tried to keep Love up to date with any developments during the off-season – because as Rodgers said, “I just felt like I wanted to hear from the guy in this situation” – Love called their relationship like a master and padawan, referring to one of Rodger’s favorite films, “Star Wars”.

Love said he learned of Rodgers’ return just before boarding a plane to Green Bay for training camp.

“Actually, I had to convince myself all the time that I was going to be the starter,” said Love. “This is the only way you can look at this situation. I feel like if you don’t, you are not ready. That’s how I’ve seen it all along – is on my mind that he’s not coming back, I have to prepare to be the starter. “

It’s been an invaluable off-season for Love, the 26th overall 2020 draft pick, as he served as the No. 3 quarterback last season and wasn’t fit for even a single game as a rookie.

Similar to the offseason, Love has had good and bad days at the camp so far. Take Thursday, for example. He did a narrow window crosser on Reggie Begelton and had a perfect placement on a deep sideline against Devin Funchess. But then during the two-minute drill he went 0-for-3 with a pair of turns on downs and an interception from undrafted rookie Christian Uphoff on a shaky deep ball.

“It was fun, I talked to him about how things were going before practice today and he seems to be so calm this year,” Packers security guard Lucas Patrick said on Thursday. “You can tell he’s getting it all, and I think those OTA reruns were crucial for him. Just a lot of iterations to say the cadence, say the playcall, go through things, hit strikes on fast things. Yeah, well I think he’s getting on with it. “

Love said it helps that he can work in what he called a “big quarterback room” where he is surrounded by the thoughtful Rodgers and the outgoing Benkert. While Rodgers re-revealed in his comments on Wednesday and Benkert messed up the room by telling reporters the story of how he was cut by the hawks earlier this year and that he basically went to a July 4th barbecue with some packers -Fans invited, love has been his composed and buttoned self while he waits for his turn.

“I feel like I’m just like that; I’m a pretty calm person,” said Love. “I try to be as calm as possible and like I said, things happen and whether I would be the starter to the season or not, I try to be the same guy every day,” don’t you worry about these things up and just try to prepare like I’m the starter. “


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