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Joe Decide punishes Giants with sprints after all-out brawl

The New York Giants training erupts into a massive brawl and Joe Judge is downright furious.

The New York Giants training camp was completely interrupted by a massive brawl on Tuesday morning.

The origin of this team-wide internal brawl is that Corey Clement was hit late in an 11v11 battle.

Tight end Evan Engram stood up for his man and defensive back Logan Ryan went on to hit Engram from behind. After the brawl broke out, head coach Joe Judge had his entire team run 100-yard runs until training graciously ended.

Richter was furious that his team fought each other during the trade camp

The New York Giants have ruined themselves through an ugly internal brawl

While the Giants played better football in the second half of the season, New York missed the postseason with a mediocre 6-10 record in Judges’ first year at the top of the squad. He was often checked for disciplinary action during training and did things that many football fans believe are high school reserved. As it turned out, none of this worked as Giants fight each other.

New York should fight for the NFC East crown this year. While the Giants are a dark horse to winning the league, they had improved defense in the second half and have a lot of talent back on the offensive side of the ball. Provided they can stop fighting each other, they may have what it takes to claim a division crown and make it back to the NFL playoffs this season.

Let’s just say the best teams in the NFL don’t fight during training camp … or at all.


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